Nutt Ball Stretcher by Oxballs (E560)

Nutt Ball Stretcher by Oxballs

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The Nutt Ballstretcher is a pure silicone six-sided ball stretcher shaped like a large hex nut. The Nutt is two inches across, with an interior hole diameter of one inch and has enough elasticity for even the largest of men, gripping the testicles tightly but comfortably.

There are many benefits to wearing a sex toy like the Nutt. Wearing a ball stretcher helps prolong ejaculation and allows a man to keep a firmer erection longer, providing the wearer with explosive orgasms like no other when worn during sex or masturbation. Can also be worn as a cockring for those who desire a tighter grip.

The Nutt Ballstretcher is made in the USA, constructed from top quality silicone, and available in black or zinc metallic colors.

Product Details

  • Width of Nutt: 2 in (5.1cm)

  • Insert Hole diameter: 1 in (2.5cm)

  • Insert Hole circumference: 3.14 in (8cm)

Safety, Care and Usage

The Nutt Ballstretcher is simple to clean using hot water and anti-bacterial soap. Always remember to play safely.

Made in the USA

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