New Sex Toys

Plus Size Doggie Strap

Plus Size Doggie Strap $20.00

Sportsheets has finally done it…a doggie-style strap that will have full- curved women reaching her highest climax with the new Plus Size Doggie Strap!

This classic is back, now with a wider and longer soft padded strap. Still incredibly easy to use, that fits comfortably under your... More >>

Lelo HULA Beads

Lelo HULA Beads $169.00

A vibrating, rotating, remote-controlled Kegel exerciser? This toy does almost everything! Public perverts and private lovers alike will thrill to Lelo’s HULA, the Kegel balls with a twist.

HULA’s two sensuously curved beads look similar, but while one vibrates, the other rotates.... More >>

Serenity Vibrating Wand

Serenity Vibrating Wand $110.00

Welcome to the future of high-end erotic stimulation!

The Serenity vibrator from NS Novelties is fully flexible and poseable, enabling it to perform tasks that lesser massagers simply cannot. This incredibly versatile tool is formed of pthalate-free, body-safe, medical grade silicone,... More >>

Rechargeable Mini Magic Massager

Rechargeable Mini Magic Massager $79.95

Whether at home, at work, out for the day or for the week, you'll never have to go without a back-arching orgasm for long when you're carrying the Rechargeable Mini Magic Massager!

Made of soft non-phthalate silicone, this massager feels smooth as it fits in your hand and won't... More >>

Mini Magic Attachment

Mini Magic Attachment $14.95

If you've come to love your convenient Mini Magic Massager, you'll grow even more inseparable when you put it together with its specifically designed attachment!

Just like its parent product, the Mini Magic Massager, this attachment is... More >>

Steel Cock Ring wih Greek Design

Steel Cock Ring wih Greek Design $35.00

As much as the ancient Greeks have fame for their philosophy and government, they were also well known for their devotion to the pursuit of erotic pleasure. Carry on their noble work in modern times with the Steel Cock Ring with Greek Design.

Stainless steel forged for passionate... More >>

Steel Cock Ring with Ball Chain Design

Steel Cock Ring with Ball Chain Design $39.00

Looking to add an extra layer of kink to your naughty playtime? Try the Steel Cock Ring with Ball Chain Design on for size!

This sleek ring is made of highly polished stainless steel and is decorated with an industrial looking metal ball chain design running through the middle.More >>

Stainless Steel Cock Ring with Color Band

Stainless Steel Cock Ring with Color Band $30.50

Sure it has an eye-catching color, but that's not what people will be staring at when you use the Stainless Steel Cock Ring with Color Band!

For a sexy secret hidden beneath your skivvies try this seamless cock ring that looks great and feels even better. With your choice of three... More >>

Stainless Steel and Black Cock Ring

Stainless Steel and Black Cock Ring $30.50

Give partners something to fantasize about all day when you tell them that you're wearing your Stainless Steel and Black Cock Ring to get yourself in the mood for the night!

Sitting comfortably down there with your penis and testicles put through it, this metal cock ring is hard to... More >>

Apollo Power Stroker

Apollo Power Stroker $75.00

While there's plenty of fun to be had masturbating the old fashioned way, you'll feel like you've walked through life blind until the point that you try out the Apollo Power Stroker, which will have you stroking so much that you just might actually lose your sight!

Starting with... More >>

Maximus: The Baron

Maximus: The Baron $40.00 - $49.00

If you're a person of fine tastes only the biggest and best will do then accept this invitation to fuck around with The Baron dildo!

Only the finest quality TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber) is used to The Baron, so feel free to used your favorite lube and cleaning product. Plus, TPR means... More >>

Shane Diesel Vibrating Dong

Shane Diesel Vibrating Dong $94.00

Getting bent over by Shane Diesel is a fantasy that doesn't come true for everybody, but with the Shane Diesel Vibrating Dong that pleasure can be yours!

Starting with a 100%-accurate (except for the suction cup base) mold of The Diesel's vein-covered cock and balls, this gigantic... More >>

Shane Diesel Dildo

Shane Diesel Dildo $80.00

Your engine is certain to rev harder and stronger when fueled up with the specially-molded Shane Diesel Dildo!

Using an actual mold of adult performer Shane Diesel's massive member, this dildo is accurate from its rounded head to blood-filled veins down to its bulging balls. The... More >>

Key Comet Wand

Key Comet Wand $89.99

The Key Comet Wand from Jopen will unlock the deepest of desires. The durable firm glass body of this form-hugging, sensually curved glass dildo, is dipped in luxuriantly soft body-safe silicone, making it the perfect toy for many years to come.

Let it dig into your darkest recesses,... More >>

Renegade II Vibrating Massager

Renegade II Vibrating Massager $40.00

Long, dark, and powerful, the Renegade Vibrating Massager has been specially designed for deeply satisfying anal stimulation.

The Renegade is ergonomically designed to stimulate your p-spot, and stands 5 inches tall and 4 inches in circumference at its widest. Manufactured from... More >>

Embrace Sweetheart Wand

Embrace Sweetheart Wand $84.00

This powerful wand is no mere fairy tale!

The Embrace Sweetheart Wand is a powerful, ergonomically shaped silicone vibrator that features seven discrete modes of intense vibration, pulsation, and escalation.

Anatomically shaped to stimulate your erogenous zones and keep... More >>

Envy Three

Envy Three  $129.00

This baby does everything!

Powered by PowerBullet technology, The Envy Three by Jopen offers 7 modes of vibration that are easy to explore thanks to the intuitive controls and easily distinguishable buttons. Even in the dark, you'll be able to get from point A to point B with just... More >>

Envy Seven Vibrator

Envy Seven Vibrator $143.00

This is a pleasure device-extraordinaire! The Envy Seven from Jopen is all the artificial intelligence your libido needs.

A state of the art multi-speed motor drives the soft, body-safe silicone shaft, while an independent second motor moves the bunny-eared clit stimulator for up to... More >>

Lust L6 Vibrator

Lust L6 Vibrator $89.00

Welcome to the garden of earthly delights: the Lust by Jopen is a flower that blooms inside you!

This tulip-shaped vibrator has two long quivering silicone petals which bloom around its intense ten-speed stamen when it’s turned on. These petals open up to contour to your shape,... More >>

Lust L5 Vibrator

Lust L5 Vibrator $89.99

Say hello to your little lily lover!

The L5 is a more petite version of the Lust from Jopen. This quivering vibrator has tongue-like petals that extend from its firm central core, tickling and licking your insides in ten adjustable speeds and patterns. You’re sure to find the... More >>

Stella III Graduated Kegel Ball Set

Stella III Graduated Kegel Ball Set $40.00 | SALE: $25.00

Ladies, prepare to tighten up and experience a whole new world of stronger orgasms after working out with the Stella III Graduated Kegel Ball Set!

Made entirely of silky soft body safe silicone, this product is safe and comfortable. More importantly, with regular use it is designed... More >>

Fun Factory Amorino Vibrator

Fun Factory Amorino Vibrator $100.00

One of our most requested products makes its proud return…please welcome back Amorino.

You're going to forget all about your other toys when you use this innovation in vibrating and stimulating technology. When you turn the toy on, the yellow silicone band stretched between the tip... More >>

Embrace Love Balls

Embrace Love Balls $108.99

Need to meditate on your orgasm? This spiritual regimen will have you levitating in no time!

Embrace Love Balls from California Exotics are a linked pair of buzzing silicone kegel exercise balls that you'll learn to love back once you get to know them. Safe underwater, and with all... More >>

Mystim Sizzling Simon

Mystim Sizzling Simon $169.80

The revolutionary new e-stim vibrators from Mystim are the only self-contained toys that combine electrical stimulation and vibration, with no cables or external devices required for operation!

Mystim’s sleek, black Sizzling Simon contains two vibratory motors, one in the tip and... More >>

Je Joue G-Kii

Je Joue G-Kii $119.00

Go for the G-Gold with the G-Kii More G Spot from Je Joue! This pliable, quivering little gymnast of a vibrator will bend itself into 2 pleasure enhancing positions, as your routine requires.

The G-Kii can match your unique curves, for simultaneous G-spot and clitoral stimulation. With... More >>

Silicone Puppy Tail

Silicone Puppy Tail $89.00 - $109.00

The butt plug that your loyal pal has been begging for is finally here!

Combining the fantasy of puppy play with the anal stimulation of a butt plug, anybody who wears this supple tail is bound to end up wagging it in delight while forming a deep connection with their owner. The... More >>

Oxballs Master/Slave Cock Ring

Oxballs Master/Slave Cock Ring $11.50

Avoid awkward confusion about roles in the bedroom with these Master/Slave cock rings from Oxballs.

Made from stretchable TPR (Thermoplastic rubber), a phthalate-free, body-safe material, these cock rings display the words "MASTER" and "SLAVE" on opposite faces of ring's base. In... More >>

Meathead Ass Lock by Oxballs

Meathead Ass Lock by Oxballs $87.00

Looking for a hypoallergenic silicone cock ring and butt plug combo that will satisfy the most experienced anal plug enthusiast?

The Meathead butt plug by Oxballs features a tapered base that is contoured to slide in and in place, while the flared head stimulates with the most casual... More >>

Double Fucker by Oxballs

Double Fucker by Oxballs $68.00

Enthrall the adventurous bottom in your life with the Double Fucker by Oxballs.

Made from Platinum Cure Silicone, the Double Fucker features a firm but yielding 7 inch shaft that molds to the base of your penis. Its flared head, enhances double penetration while it's cock ring keeps... More >>

Oxballs Triple Penetrator

Oxballs Triple Penetrator $88.00

Two may be better than one, but everybody knows that three is the magic number!

The 3-Way Triple Penetrator from Oxballs offers you a chance to expand your horizons...amongst other things. Truly novel, this strap-on double dildo attaches via a cock ring to create a silicone sandwich... More >>

Renegade Pleasure Rocker XL

Renegade Pleasure Rocker XL $64.00

The Renegade Pleasure Rocker XL from NS Novelties was made extra big to go extra deep by popular demand—and it doesn’t talk back.

This variable width dildo gets larger and larger as you move down the shaft. Rock back and forth (with no hands or partner required!) for that thrusting... More >>

Renegade Vibrating Massager

Renegade Vibrating Massager $50.00

Don’t let its odd shape fool you — the Renegade Vibrating Massager from NS Novelties has been scientifically designed for maximum erotic stimulation.

Constructed of nonporous Silky Feel silicone with a premium-quality vibrating bullet in the base, this sleek, primer-black bad boy... More >>

Tinglers Vibrating Plug

Tinglers Vibrating Plug $34.00

Combining the best parts of a butt plug, anal beads, and a vibrator, the Tinglers Vibrating Butt Plug puts the cherry on top of your sweetest moments!

The flexible yet firm plug has a pleasing anal bead shape so that each level of penetration is more exciting than the last. If the... More >>

Tinglers II Vibrating Plug

Tinglers II Vibrating Plug $34.00

If you like to be poked in the bottom, the Tinglers II vibrating plug from NS Novelties is the anal probe for you.

This petite silicone garden gnome-shaped plug has three pulsation speeds manipulated by a remote control that is interchangeable with other models. It is waterproof,... More >>

Tinglers III Vibrating Plug

Tinglers III Vibrating Plug $34.00

This crooked little ball-ended toy is an anal spelunker, searching your cave for a pleasure treasure. Shaped rather like a slightly bent, three-jointed bulbous finger, the Tinglers Plug III from NS Novelties can be maneuvered until you see fireworks.

Made of pliable, non-porous,... More >>

 Channel Surfer Remote Control Anal Plug

Channel Surfer Remote Control Anal Plug $80.00

What do you get for the person who likes everything? Options!

A perfect gift for your personal assistant, the battery-operated wireless Channel Surfer vibrating butt plug with remote control is an ass full of ten-speed fun!

Made from velvety-smooth 100% waterproof... More >>

Femme Vibrating G-Spot Rocker

Femme Vibrating G-Spot Rocker $60.00

You don't have to marry Keith Richards to have a rocker in the bedroom. With the Femme Vibrating G-Spot Rocker in your arsenal you're gonna have a whole lotta love.

Made from body-safe silicone, the Femme Vibrating G-Spot Rocker has a firm silicone shaft and wide clitoral cup that... More >>

Infinit Massager

Infinit Massager $199.00

The Infinit Massager is as flexible as its potential for stimulating your g-spot, clitoris, perenium, or anywhere else its soft silicone fingers can reach!

This three-armed personal massager can find just the right spot (or spots) for the climax you’ve always wanted. Its three soft... More >>

Maximus King Pleasure Dong

Maximus King Pleasure Dong $60.00

It’s good to be the King! The Maximus King Pleasure Dong from NS Novelties is truly the ruler of every orifice. This enormous monster dildo is sculpted in smooth black Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) that’s phthalate-free, soft to the touch, yet sturdy to the core. Its wide, flat base allows for... More >>

Maximus Queen Pleasure Dong

Maximus Queen Pleasure Dong $60.00

Now this is a true size queen! The Maximus Queen Pleasure Dong from NS Novelties is built to give any orifice the royal treatment — no matter how tight a fit. This segmented, enormous monster is sculpted in black Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) that’s phthalate-free, soft to the touch, yet sturdy to... More >>

Maximus Knight Pleasure Dong

Maximus Knight Pleasure Dong $60.00

Here’s a big, black knight who’s on a fearless crusade to fill every nook and cranny. The Maximus Knight Pleasure Dong from NS Novelties stands at over 7 1/2 inches high, but his fat, rounded shape has a thick circumference that even exceeds that of our enormous Maximus King dildo. A smooth, molded... More >>

The Cocksucker's Mirror

The Cocksucker‘s Mirror $36.00

One of our most requested products makes its proud return…please welcome back The Cocksucker’s Mirror!

Give them an eyeful with this oval innovation, a cock accessory that makes them watch their facial expressions, tongue movements, and more as they greedily service your cock. Great... More >>

Colours Pleasures Dildo

Colours Pleasures Dildo $56.60

Ever feel like a bottomless pit? The colossal black-as-midnight Colours Pleasures from NS Novelties may just fill you up!

With a generous helping of a touch more than 8 inches, it’s a match for even the most voracious appetite. This artfully molded, veiny, realistic silicone penis has a... More >>

Crystal Droplets

Crystal Droplets  $21.70

These crystal balls see ecstasy in your future. Originally designed for NASA, borosilicate glass is non-porous and body safe, making it the perfect material for butt plugs.

The Crystal Droplets can be brought to whatever level of heat or cool you desire, or will match your body’s... More >>

Crystal Spires

Crystal Spires $20.00

Classically tapered into a gently widening, anal thrilling swell, the gorgeously sleek, immensely precise Crystal Spires plug is incredibly manageable, excitingly responsive to temperature changes, and just the perfect size. In short, nothing if not satisfying.

Made of a uniformly... More >>

Crystal Butt Plug (Small)

Crystal Butt Plug (Small) $16.50

These Crystal plugs are sure to open up a whole new world. Made of 100% hand-blown, premium borosilicate glass, Crystal plugs are of the highest quality, and represent the most vibrant and durable glass products available today. Crystal items can be heated/cooled to your personal desire.
More >>

Crystal Butt Plug (Medium)

Crystal Butt Plug (Medium) $18.40

Not too small, not too large but just right. The medium Crystal plug is made of 100% hand-blown, premium Borosilicate glass. Crystal plugs are of the highest quality, and represent the most vibrant and durable glass products available today. Crystal items can be heated/cooled to your personal... More >>

Crystal Butt Plug, Large

Crystal Butt Plug, Large  $20.90

All that practice has finally paid off! The large Crystal plug is made of 100% hand-blown, premium borosilicate glass.

Crystal plugs are of the highest quality, and represent the most vibrant and durable glass products available today. This big boy can be heated or cooled to your... More >>

Tantus Anaconda Dildo

Tantus Anaconda Dildo $60.00

The first in a new line of Tantus toys featuring an ergonomic grip handle, the Anaconda packs girth and a realistic shape. Made specifically for heavy thrusting, it is perfect for those who like their penetration a little harder and deeper.

Tantus products are made of platinum,... More >>

Muse Massager

Muse Massager $73.00

Regular Price: $73.30
Sale Price: $59.95!


Sometimes a silly-looking toy hides a serious purpose. The bestselling Muse Massager from NS Novelties combines an elegant and... More >>