Mystim Adapter Wire - 2mm Round Plug (female) (F051)

Mystim Adapter Wire - 2mm Round Plug (female)

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When working with electricity, a thoughtful player should always make certain to have the right connections on hand.

Fortunately, e-stim pioneers Mystim offer all the proper wiring accessories to enable current from their e-stim controllers, such as the Mystim Tension Lover or Pure Vibes unit, to be used with other manufacturers’ toys or their own product line. Some types of connectors even allow you to control Mystim devices via a different brand of powerbox. The open architecture of their almost endless electrical configurations gives you total freedom, and the utmost in versatility!

This ingenious universal adapter has two junctions at one end, to accommodate 2mm electrodes of the kind used with nearly all e-stim controllers. It then uses its female roundplug connection on the other, hooking up to the input cable of any Mystim device.

Product Details:

 • Configuration: Roundplug junction (f) to 2mm plug junctions (f)

 • Total length: 4.7in/12cm

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