Muse Massager (E949-Z)

Muse Massager

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Sometimes a silly-looking toy hides a serious purpose. The bestselling Muse Massager from NS Novelties combines an elegant and playful design with targeted erotic release, in a tasteful, self-contained device that fits in the palm of your hand. It’s an adorable yet intensely effective clitoral stimulator (also fun for nipples and other erogenous zones) that applies its delicious power right where it counts.

While the bendable silicone ears of this deceptively cute cartoon-inspired character give pleasure to both sides of the clitoris at once, the accent LED lights inside illuminate the unit’s charmingly variable expressive “eyes.” These blinking buttons also act as touch controls for 10 levels of vibration, including an amazing array of rhythmic electronic pulses. And in case of unwanted interruption, the Muse quickly powers off at the press of a button - leaving no one the wiser! The AC/DC wall charger (included) will juice your special buddy up, keeping him ready for action for up to five hours.

Available in three yummy colors, this friendly, hardworking little fellow is a discreet lady’s best secret pal.

Product Details:

 • Made of ultra-durable ABS plastic and silicone

 • Water-resistant, nonporous, phthalate-free silicone “ears”

 • Height: 3.6in/9cm

 • Width: 2in/5.1cm

 • Weight: 4 oz

 • 10 vibration levels with variable rhythms

 • Available in black, pink, purple, or red

 • AC to 5V DC travel charger included

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