Mommy‘s Little Ball Buster (OA03000)

Mommy‘s Little Ball Buster

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Synopsis:None-too-bright bad guys pick the wrong loft to burglarize, and are confronted by Mommy (Mistress D) brandishing a gun! The hapless burglars are punished by getting humiliated, tied up, paddled and repeatedly kicked in the balls, as well as being the guinea picks when the Mistress decides it's time to teach her daughter (Karina Kay) some dominatrix tricks. Bonus tracks: In "Busted", Mistress O catches submissive "Mr. Whip Appeal" peeping in her bedroom window, and man is she pissed, leveling kick after kick to his balls. "Balls of Steel" documents the first session with Mistress D and her amazing sub Rick, who can take dozens of kicks -- that would send most guys to the emergency room -- and stay standing. 81 minutes

Cast List:Karina Kay, Mistress D, G12, Balls of Steel Rick, Mistress O

Running Time: 1 hour 22 minutes

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