Minna Ola (E269)

Minna Ola

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It's difficult for us to think of a sex toy that we've been more excited about recently than the Minna Ola. We consistently strive to bring you the best in sexual technology, and often that means refining tried and true methods of pleasure, but it is exceedingly rare to find something new and truly novel, something the Ola vibrator promises.

In addition to its ergonomically designed soft, body-safe silicone design, the Ola has a special trick up its sleeve, or more accurately, on its handle. There you will find 2 buttons, neither of which control vibration intensity or speed. Allow us to blow your mind: This toy's strong vibrations are controlled entirely by squeezing the soft spot on the handle.

The harder you squeeze, the stronger the vibrations, while letting go dictates the frequency of the vibrations, allowing for a completely customizable experience.

It gets better.

Going back to the buttons, one is the classic on/off switch, while the other is sensation recording device, allowing the user to create and replay your favorite vibrations.

The rechargeable battery lasts for 5 hours on a single charge.

Product Details:

 • Available in pink or purple

 • Waterproof

 • Fully rechargeable (comes with charger)

 • Made of body safe silicone

 • Insertable length 5in (12.7cm) (approx.)

 • Circumference (at widest point) 4.75in (12.1cm)

 • Overall length 8in (20.3cm)

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