Mini Magic Attachment (E830-Z)

Mini Magic Attachment

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If you've come to love your convenient Mini Magic Massager, you'll grow even more inseparable when you put it together with its specifically designed attachment!

Just like its parent product, the Mini Magic Massager, this attachment is made of soft, non-phthalate silicone to keep your body safe and full of good feelings.

Short, flexible fringe emerges from the ergonomically shaped coverage area to give multiple points of contact from the vibrating wand to your body, and there's even a large "friendly finger" for comfortable and effective stimulation of the clitoris. Simply slip the attachment over your massager to start the fun!

Product Details:

 • Compatible with Mini Magic Massager

 • Comes in white and pink

Safety, Care & Usage:

Clean with warm water and mild soap. Can be used with any water-based lubricant. Do not use silicone lubricant on this toy, as it may degrade the material.

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