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Stockroom Titan DVD

Stockroom Titan DVD $59.95 | SALE: $24.95

In the depths of a mysterious warehouse hidden from the outside world, an extreme experience awaits. TitanMen exclusives David Anthony, Aymeric DeVille, JR Matthews and Tibor Wolfe headline a muscular cast bursting through its latex and restraints in a sexually charged effort filled with sucking,... More >>

Titan Consent

Titan Consent $49.95

Titan continues to give you unforgettable action marked by signature passion. TitanMen exclusive Jessy Ares, a rising breakout star who headlines a hung and horny cast with vein-bursting cocks leaking at the seams. We give you Consent to get off with the latest outdoor sexfest from award-winning... More >>

Titan Thrill Ride

Titan Thrill Ride $49.95

Wanna ride? Hop on board, strap yourself in and hold on tight for a hard and fast drive down to Dirty Town. Shift into high gear as TitanMen exclusives David Anthony, Dario Beck, Aymeric DeVille and Philippe Ferro hit it hard, going full throttle as they masterfully work their sticks in a Thrill... More >>


Caged $49.95

Cornered. Captured. Caged. Get ready for the pleasure-filled punishment at the manly hands of your TitanMen tormentors.

Exclusives David Anthony, Aymeric DeVille and Tibor Wolfe lead the charge in an aggressive outing bursting with spit, piss, fists and massive... More >>

Kennel Master

Kennel Master $49.95

Sit... stay... suck. Good boy! Big chew toys are just part of the fun in the latest Rough entry from co-directors Paul Wilde and TitanMen exclusive Tony Buff, who leads a horny cast ready to unleash its inner animal. Bondage, pissing, pup play, dildos and hot wax are just a few of the obedience... More >>

Titan Folsom Maneuvers

Titan Folsom Maneuvers $49.95

Synopsis: Are you man enough for the mission? Your assignment…to engage in some tactile outdoor maneuvers in Folsom Maneuvers, the latest from TitanMen’s award-winning line of co-branded Folsom films. The motto is “go hard or go home” for eight officers—led by TitanMen exclusives Tony Buff,... More >>

Titan Folsom Prison, Blue-Ray

Titan Folsom Prison, Blue-Ray  $49.95

Synopsis: Elevating hardcore fetish to both a new level of intensity and artistry, Folsom Prison is the latest in the highly anticipated series of co-branded Folsom films. TitanMan exclusive Tony Buff plays the corrupt corrections officer running everything on the inside of one of the most... More >>

Titan Eye Contact

Titan Eye Contact $49.95

Available in Blu-Ray only

Synopsis: A knowing glance, a subtle stare, a receptive gaze…we all know that sex starts with Eye Contact. Chance encounters turn combustible as eight studs—led by TitanMen exclusives David Anthony, Marco Blaze, Tony Buff, Dean Flynn and... More >>

Titan Warehouse

Titan Warehouse $49.95

Synopsis: Celebrated director Brian Mills brings together 12 of the hottest men around to the Warehouse for almost three hours of sweaty and raunchy, non-stop man-on-man action by the likes of TitanMen exclusives Victor Banda, Damien Crosse, Dean Flynn, Rick van Sant, Eduardo, Dirk Jager,... More >>

Titan Battle Creek Breakdown

Titan Battle Creek Breakdown $49.95

Synopsis: You won’t believe how good it feels to let it all hang out. Just ask the eager-to-please staff at the Battle Creek Ridge Lodge, where many surprises await the curious customers. The latest from legendary director Joe Gage, Battle Creek Breakdown offers an unforgettable mix of heat... More >>

Titan Copperhead Canyon

Titan Copperhead Canyon $49.95

Synopsis: In Copperhead Canyon, the latest Joe Gage-directed release from Titan Media, Officer Matthew Ford is on the tail of Bill Madison, a dangerous criminal in the backwoods of Colorado. Copperhead Canyon stars TitanMen exclusives Dean Flynn and Chad Manning along with 11 other hot,... More >>

Titan Search and Rescue

Titan Search and Rescue $49.95

Synopsis: Can you feel the breeze tickling your balls, your boner now bouncing in excitement? In Search and Rescue, shed the shirt and become one with nature as the hottest studs -- led by TitanMen exclusives Dean Flynn, JR Matthews, Francois Sagat and Christopher Saint -- take you on a... More >>

Titan Toolbox

Titan Toolbox $49.95

Synopsis: Need a stud finder? Just open up Toolbox, where the hottest handymen—led by TitanMen exclusives David Anthony, Dean Flynn, JR Matthews and Will Parker -- screw their steel in tight, nail their nuts down deep and hammer their wood hard as they put on a dynamic display of homo... More >>

Titan Double Standard

Titan Double Standard $49.95

Synopsis: Ever wonder what goes on at your apartment building with the repairmen and building managers while you’re at work? Well, if your building is like this one, you’d probably be calling in sick more often! Directed by Brian Mills, Double Standard stars TitanMen exclusives Dean Flynn,... More >>

Titan Folsom Undercover

Titan Folsom Undercover $49.95

Synopsis: Continuing in the tradition of TitanMen’s award-winning line of co-branded Folsom films, Folsom Undercover explodes with fetish fireworks. A private fraternity has businessmen living second lives, relieving their stress through sexual aggression as they indulge their deepest... More >>

Titan Distraction

Titan Distraction $49.95

Synopsis: You work hard -- now it's time to focus on fun. Take a break from the stress as several stiff, distracting dicks -- including those of TitanMen exclusives Marco Blaze, Dean Flynn, Christopher Saint and Dario Beck (making his incendiary TitanMen debut) -- interrupt your day in... More >>

Titan Funhouse DVD

Titan Funhouse DVD $49.95

Synopsis: Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the carnival, TitanMen lifts the curtain on another unique fantasy. Starring 11 built studs in nearly 3 hours of footage, Funhouse raises the bar again following the groundbreaking, award-winning Carny and its incendiary followup,... More >>

Titan Coyote Point

Titan Coyote Point $49.95

Synopsis: It's 1953 in a small town north of Las Vegas, and a tinderbox of sexual tension is itching to burst. Everyone has heard the rumors about the infamous house near Coyote Point, which catches the attention of TitanMen exclusives David Anthony and JR Matthews. They lead a cast of studs... More >>

Titan Home Invasion

Titan Home Invasion $49.95

Synopsis: Lock your doors. Close the curtains. Call the police. The sexy strangers are out there, and your ass isn’t safe. Legendary director Joe Gage injects sultry suspense into Home Invasion, a tale of unlawful entry and the ties that bind. A businessman is held captive by three... More >>

Titan Reflex

Titan Reflex $49.95

Synopsis: Eyes engage. Hearts pound. Bodies react. You can't control it -- it's your natural Reflex. Led by the artistic touch of award-winning director Brian Mills, a group of studs -- including Titan Men exclusives David Anthony, Dario Beck, Marco Blaze, Will Parker and Christopher Saint... More >>

Titan Overdrive

Titan Overdrive  $49.95

Synopsis: Take the top off, grab the stick and thrust into high gear in the latest outdoor escapade from award-winning director Brian Mills. A gunmetal grey convertible sees lots of action during its countryside travels as 11 hunks get wet and wild in the great outdoors. Get your hands on a... More >>

Titan Thrust

Titan Thrust  $49.95

Synopsis: A handsome hunk relaxing on the beach, a morning jogger, an unsuspecting repairman... none of them saw it coming. But when an igniting force meets an irresistible object, all are Thrust into a torrid encounter beyond their control. Watch as a series of seducers -- led by TitanMen... More >>

Double Barrel

Double Barrel $49.95

Synopsis: The forest wood is big and hard, the guns are cocked and loaded. So double your pleasure and your fun in Double Barrel as nine amazing hunks led by TitanMen exclusives Alex Baresi, Marco Blaze, Dirk Jager and Chad Manning take you on a deep and dirty adventure into the woods.... More >>

Titan Slick Dogs

Titan Slick Dogs $49.95

Synopsis: Work up that bulge, warm up that hole and get ready to piss all over the shimmering bodies on display in Slick Dogs, the latest fetish masterpiece from TitanMen. Watch as a group of sexy canines -- led by TitanMen exclusives Tony Buff, Dean Flynn, JR Matthews and Will Parker --... More >>

Slow Heat in a Texas Town

Slow Heat in a Texas Town $49.95

Synopsis: What dirty secrets simmer beneath the surface of a small southern town? Find out with the steamy sexual buildup of Slow Heat in a Texas Town, the latest from legendary director Joe Gage. Amid the backdrop of a community college and its neighboring campgrounds, repressed desires and... More >>

Titan Criminal Intent

Titan Criminal Intent $49.95

Synopsis: You can lock your doors and hide, but it won't matter. In Criminal Intent, resistance is futile as a pack of hardened criminals and their victims -- led by TitanMen exclusives Leo Alarcon, David Anthony, Dario Beck, Tony Buff and Will Parker -- lead an orifice assault that spits in... More >>

Titan Dust Devils

Titan Dust Devils  $49.95

Synopsis: Can you feel the temperature rising? The dry desert heat brings out the best from some horny hikers, led by TitanMen exclusives David Anthony, Dario Beck, Dean Flynn, JR Matthews and Christopher Saint. Who knew the desert could be so wet? You won't believe your eyes when the dust... More >>

Titan Mojave Run

Titan Mojave Run  $49.95

Synopsis: A suspicious runner. A doctor practicing controversial treatments. A group of patients eager to please authority figures. What mystery waits along Mojave Run? A secluded facility near a correctional institute treats out-of-control sex addicts, including TitanMen exclusives Leo... More >>

Titan Triage

Titan Triage  $49.95

Synopsis: Following in the tradition of TitanMen hits Laid Up and Rx: Open Wide, Triage is the feature directorial debut of the award-winning Paul Wilde. There’s never a dull moment in these horny hospital halls, where the colossal cocks ache for a cure. Check in to Folsom Medical and check... More >>

Titan Folsom Flesh

Titan Folsom Flesh  $49.95

Synopsis:In just three years, TitanMen’s co-branded Folsom leather/fetish line has racked up numerous awards, singlehandedly bringing high-quality fetish content into the mainstream. The studio looks to continue the amazing streak with Folsom Flesh, where artistic yet extreme action unfolds... More >>

Titan Bad Conduct

Titan Bad Conduct $49.95

Synopsis: You know it’s wrong, but the urge is too strong. Follow your impulse and abuse authority with Bad Conduct, the latest from award-winning director Brian Mills. Watch as nine studs led by TitanMen exclusives Dean Flynn and Will Parker find themselves in sticky situations with only... More >>

Titan Full Access

Titan Full Access $49.95

Synopsis: How much size do you need? In Full Access, the men of Titan are here to satisfy your storage needs: hard wood to protect your goods, stiff locks to secure your valuables and massive muscle to manhandle your prized possessions. These eight qualified professionals—led by TitanMen... More >>

Titan Flux

Titan Flux $49.95

Synopsis: Can you feel the stream of sensuality? In Flux, the fluid sex flows like a force of nature in this fusion of art and eroticism from the mind of award-winning director Brian Mills. Join nine masculine models—led by TitanMen exclusives Marco Blaze and Rick van Sant—on a hypnotic... More >>

Titan Devil In the Rain/Fist Dogs (Double Pack)

Titan Devil In the Rain/Fist Dogs (Double Pack) $39.95

Synopsis: Originaly an online exclusive! Fist-fucking and watersports weren't invented by TITAN. They just perfected them!

Cast: Mike Roberts, Mark Masterson, Keith Webb, Core Andrews, Harold Creg

Director: Keith Webb and Harold Creg
More >>

Titan Shock Treatment

Titan Shock Treatment $39.95

Synopsis: Get roped into the action as muscles twitch, skin quivers and bodies writhe in Shock Treatment release in TitanMen’s explosive new ROUGH line. Providing an intense look at a rarely seen niche of the BDSM world, it further solidifies the studio’s commitment to being First in Fetish.... More >>

Titan Bound and Beaten

Titan Bound and Beaten $39.95

Synopsis: Deep in the secluded forests of California, no one can hear you scream. That’s where six brave, sadistic studs—led by TitanMen exclusives Tony Buff and David Anthony—engage in extreme experiments to get you off. ROUGH, the newest hardcore fetish line from TitanMen, reaches into its... More >>

Titan Anal Assualt

Titan Anal Assualt $39.00

Synopsis: Bend over and bite down hard... this is gonna be an attack you won't soon forget. Six sex pigs -- led by TitanMen exclusives Tony Buff and Tibor Wolfe -- are piston-driven, piss-hungry and forearm-deep to expose viewers to the world of extreme ass play. From spit and piss to fists... More >>

The Trap

The Trap $69.99

Synopsis: The Trap is the journey of a sexually innocent man who follows a handsome stranger and takes an unexpected trip into the depths of San Francisco’s underground. Directed by Andrew Rosen, in cooperation with who provided the gear, wear and toys for this film,... More >>

Best of Steve Cruz, Vol. 1

Best of Steve Cruz, Vol. 1 $49.99

Synopsis: Steve Cruz is the hottest, hairiest porn star of all time. He has become an icon for our age and now is one of Gay Porn’s top emerging directors! This collection of his finest scenes is a disc that will wear you out! This DVD is a must own for all lovers of classic hairy men,... More >>

Ink Storm

Ink Storm $69.99

Synopsis: Raging Stallion Man of the Year bad boy Jake Deckard brings you a movie featuring some of the hottest tattooed studs in porn today in a fun-house-thrill-ride-fuck-fest. Wild sex-otter Steve Cruz and tattooed beauty Logan McCree fuck in a tattoo parlor, and Logan's orgasm and cum... More >>

Savage: A Ben Leon Feature Film

Savage: A Ben Leon Feature Film $69.99

Synopsis: Rising star director Ben Leon brings you Savage - a no-nonsense examination of hot men fucking in a full-on mess of spit, slaps, leather, and cum. Steve Cruz enters the first scene on his knees, and after a hot round of dick sucking, Victor gets a piece of Steve's ass. Next, Brodie... More >>

Grunts: Brothers in Arms

Grunts: Brothers in Arms $69.99

Synopsis: The story of twin brothers played by RSS superstar Steve Cruz and European heartthrob Orlando Toro, Brothers in Arms opens as private Victor Steele reports for orders from Sergeant Houle (played by Jake Deckard) early in the morning. Deckard informs him of the experiment to expose... More >>


Menace $69.99

Synopsis: Rock-drum-bass-suck-fuck is the backdrop and the theme of Menace, the new all-sex feature directed by GAYVN award-winning director Tony Dimarco. Real life boyfriends and Raging Stallion Exclusives Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond swap spit on top of a stack of stereo speakers that pump... More >>

Port of Entry

Port of Entry $69.99

Synopsis: Inspired by Werner Fassbinder’s, Querelle, Raging Stallion's Port of Entry looks back to the time of Longshoremen, Sailors and Leather Bikers. On his first shore leave in months, David V walks the docks, past a shadowed street vagrant who turns out to be Logan McCree. David allows... More >>

The Visitor

The Visitor $69.99

Synopsis: This two-disc major movie is the brainchild of GAYVN Award-winning Director Tony Dimarco, starring GAYVN Performer of the year Logan McCree as Epoc, a scientific researcher from far away who comes to study the fucking and sucking of the male species. In the first scene, Angelo... More >>

Sounding #1

Sounding #1 $59.99

Synopsis: The first film in the new Hardcore Fetish Series, Sounding #1 is not for the faint of heart. The guys in this two-hour movie take "Cock Stuffing" to the extreme with a lot of fucking as well as some pretty intense CBT and bondage. In the first scene pretty boys Derrick Hanson and... More >>

Sounding #2

Sounding #2 $59.99

Synopsis: If you thought Sounding #1 was over-the-top, wait until you see what the kinky sex pigs at Raging Stallion Studios have cooked up this time! This is the most extreme urethral play movie ever made. Ty starts off with a long steel rod, fucking the inside of his engorged cock until... More >>

Sounding #3

Sounding #3 $59.99

Synopsis: "Stroke me from the Inside!!!!" This is a movie about guys fucking the inside of their cocks with steel rods and rubber dick dildos, and is about the most extreme sex play we have ever filmed. Superstar Sky Devil has a nine inch cock and he takes about 12 inches of steel pipe up... More >>

Piss Off

Piss Off $59.99

Synopsis: In Pissing #1 from the Hardcore Fetish Series, world famous porn stars Steve Cruz, Damien Crosse, François Sagat, Damian Rios, Manuel DeBoxer and Scott Tanner play out their watersports fantasies. In the first scene , Steve Cruz and Damien Cross make out in the shower. Steve pisses... More >>