Lightweight Solid Penis Plug (E014)

Lightweight Solid Penis Plug

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This urethral plug may not be as extreme as some of the larger sounds we carry, but it is still a formidable insert for those looking for a bondage toy designed to prevent urination or ejaculation.

The steel ring on the thin end prevents over insertion, while the hump in the middle transmits a unique sensation when it is gently worked into the urethra through the opening in the cock head. The smooth, rounded steel penis plug will create an unforgettable experience.

Product Details:

 • Insertable Length: 1.8in/46.5mm

 • Diameter at Widest Point: 0.4in/10mm

 • Ring Diameter: 1in/25.9mm

 • Weight: 0.7oz/20.7g

 • Made of stainless steel

Safety, Care, and Usage:

Clean with warm water and antibacterial soap before and after each use. Wait until plug returns to room temperature before inserting. Do not sleep in this or other CBT toys. Recommended for use with Surgical Lube.

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