Leather Serpent Tongue Whip "The Slitherer" by Sex and Metal (E841-Z)

Leather Serpent Tongue Whip "The Slitherer" by Sex and Metal

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Fear and discomfort are natural reactions to the cool, calculating movements of a snake; imagine how your sub will react when faced with the prospect of being bitten by "The Slitherer", a leather serpent tongue whip that's as unpredictable as you are!

Built for quick strikes, the powder coated brushed raw steel handle is hollow to give a light grip for repeated lashings. Stainless steel spikes jut out from the sides of the handle like fangs ready to empty poison into your prey. A metal ring at the bottom of the handle is paired with a leather loop for easy hanging, storing, or wearing with the rest of your arsenal of torture.

The main attraction on this whip is the whip itself, which is composed of a single broad sheet of black leather coiling around itself and tapering to an absolutely cutting edge. Even the bravest creatures of the night will shudder when faced with the cruel intentions of "The Slitherer"!

Product Details:

 • Handle Length: 6in/15.3cm

 • Ring: 1in/2.54cm

 • Fall length: 17in/42cm

 • Available in Natural Steel and Candy Apple Red

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