Leather Cock Rings

Joanna Angel Cock Ring with Bullet Vibe

Joanna Angel Cock Ring with Bullet Vibe $33.00

This soft pink leather cock ring features five snaps that can provide a snug fit for partners of most girths and a powerful black bullet vibe that's sure to leave them shaking, satisfied, and begging for more!

Like each piece in the Joanna Angel Line, this cock ring with vibrating... More >>

Leather Cock Ring w/ Pyramid Studs

Leather Cock Ring w/ Pyramid Studs $12.50

This ring comes with pyramid-stud hardware for that extra-macho look. It measures 9/16" and sports three snaps to adjust the size for a snug fit.

... More >>

Leather and Snakeskin Cock Ring

Leather and Snakeskin Cock Ring $25.00

This beautiful designer cockring is handcrafted of genuine exotic snakeskin and butter-soft leather. Snap shut for easy adjustment.

• Diameter: 1.75in (4.44cm) - 2.5in (6.35cm)

• Width: .75in... More >>

Deluxe Erection Maker

Deluxe Erection Maker $28.95

For those who want to push the boundaries of CBT, The Stockroom brings you this exceptional black leather cock and ball torture device. Squeeze the balls and put pressure on the testicles with the 2-part Deluxe Erection Maker, made of our original 3-speed cock ring combined with our small Leather... More >>

Manhandler Cock Harness

Manhandler Cock Harness $12.95

This unique cock harness is designed to combine the thrill of a cock ring with the added stimulation from a replaceable rubber O ring on your shaft. The Manhandler is crafted of high quality black leather and features metal snaps with a rubber ring that extends 2 inches from the cock... More >>

KinkLab Buckling Cock Ring and Chain Leash Set

KinkLab Buckling Cock Ring and Chain Leash Set $38.95

A chain leash attached to one of our buckling cock rings for maximum control.

Stockroom.com is thrilled to introduce the KinkLab line, a place where you can test the limits of pleasure with aid from high-quality, appealing, and functional products. KinkLab products... More >>

D-Ring Cock Ring

D-Ring Cock Ring $12.95

The elegantly simple, sturdy D-Ring Cock Ring is adjustable, allowing you to apply just the right amount of pressure to keep your cock nice and hard. Made of soft, high quality garment leather, this superior cock ring features a single metal snap and two D-Rings. The leather strap loops around and... More >>

5-Snap Cock Ring

5-Snap Cock Ring $6.95

This 5-snap cock ring is perhaps one of the most classic items in bondage. Simple and sturdy, this piece features 5 solid snaps extending an extra 4” of length, allowing you to adjust the right amount of pressure. Use it as an ornament or for extensive cock and ball torture. Easy to put on and take... More >>

The Wraparound Locking Cock Ring

The Wraparound Locking Cock Ring $20.00

This black leather Wraparound Locking Cock Ring is 1¼" wide and wraps around the cock twice.

This cock ring has slots in the leather and a D-ring, making it lockable and adjustable to various sizes. It wraps around the cock and balls, and can be locked or clipped to a... More >>

7-Speed Cock Ring

7-Speed Cock Ring $13.50

If you're looking for something simple and functional without all the whistles and bells, this is the cock ring for you.

Our basic black leather cock ring, with 7 nickel-plated... More >>

3-Speed Leather Cock Ring

3-Speed Leather Cock Ring $7.50

Our basic black leather cock ring is 9/16" wide. Three nickel-plated snaps allow adjustability between approximately 2" and 2½" in... More >>

KinkLab 3 Snap Cock Ring

KinkLab 3 Snap Cock Ring $11.95

The KinkLab 3 Snap Cock Ring features nickel-plated adjustable snaps for maximum comfort on any erection size.

KL642- Leather:
  • Circumference: 6in (15.24cm) to 7.5in (19.05cm)

KL659- Rubber:
  • Circumference: 6in (15.24cm) to... More >>

Buckling Cock Ring w/ D-Ring

Buckling Cock Ring w/ D-Ring $11.00

The D-ring on our buckling cock ring serves as a handy point of attachment for a leash or other such device. Black Leather with silver colored D-ring and buckle. Adjustable up to 2 3/4".

Goes nicely with our More >>

Velcro Cock Ring

Velcro Cock Ring $9.95

Simple and to the point, the Velcro Cock Ring is completely adjustable to fit your cock. The most common cock and ball toy in the bondage world, this versatile item is a must have. Easy on and easy off, you or your partner can control the pressure and the fun.

  • ... More >>

3-Snap Denim Cock Ring

3-Snap Denim Cock Ring $8.00

Yes, that's right, this cock ring is made of denim!

At 9/16" wide, the cock ring's snaps allow you to adjust the circumference between 6" and 8".

This ring has the advantage of being washable. Cowboys love... More >>

Buckling Cock Ring/Chain Leash Set

Buckling Cock Ring/Chain Leash Set $25.00

Going for a walk just got a lot more interesting. Never mind the neck, this shiny chrome leash attaches to a black leather buckling/locking cock for maximum control of your man’s most sensitive element. The leash features a leather handle, medium weight chain with chrome snap hook, making the cock... More >>

Locking Leather Cock Bands

Locking Leather Cock Bands $11.00

This basic leather cock ring is 1" wide, with slots in the leather and a D-ring that inserts into the appropriate slot, making it adjustable to various sizes and lockable.

It wraps around the cock and balls, and can be... More >>

Double-O Cock Ring Set

Double-O Cock Ring Set $14.50

This is a double metal cock ring set. One ring goes behind the balls and the other goes in front. They are connected by a strip of sturdy black leather.

The medium size has a 1¾" ring and a 1½" ring.

The large size has a... More >>

Leather Cock Ring/Nipple Clip Combo

Leather Cock Ring/Nipple Clip Combo $18.50

This is a set of basic adjustable nipple clips that are attached to a black leather thong. The thong forms an adjustable cock-loop at the end that goes around the cock and... More >>

KinkLab Anal Plug Harness with Cock Ring

KinkLab Anal Plug Harness with Cock Ring $79.95

Specialy Designed for a Man's Anatomy

•  built in "plug pouch" fits most average-sized butt plugs
•  includes interchangeable 2" steel cock-ring
•  lockable side buckles
•  3 points of adjustment for a... More >>

Leather CPR Cleaner & Conditioner

Leather CPR Cleaner & Conditioner $15.00

Are your leather goods just surviving? Filthy, stiff and scratched? Bring them back to life with Leather CPR Cleaner & Conditioner. This opaque miracle cream will revive even the oldest of leather goods of any color into the soft and supple texture they were meant to be. Its custom formula is... More >>