Latex Wrist Wallet (Y9751)

Latex Wrist Wallet

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Hit the club in style! On the surface, these gleaming black wrist wallets look like the standard gauntlets often worn to enhance the look and feel of your bondage ensemble, but they have a secret-- each one conceals a zipper pocket on the underside for all your necessities. These pockets are the perfect size to hold condoms, cash, cards, and ID so you can enjoy your bondage play well-accessorized and worry-free.

The curved, tapered design and two rows of adjustable snaps ensure a perfect fit every time. The high-grade 30-gauge latex used in this exclusive product is exceptionally durable and strong compared to similar items sold elsewhere.

Includes one wallet

Size Info:

  • 4in (10.2cm) Wide

Forearm: 7in (17.7cm) - 7.75in (19.6cm)
Wrist: 5.5in (13.9cm) - 6.25in (15.8cm)

Forearm: 8in (20.3cm) - 8.75in (22.2cm)
Wrist: 6.5in (16.5cm) - 7.25in (18.4cm)

Forearm: 9in (22.8cm) - 9.75in (24.7cm)
Wrist: 7.5in (19cm) - 8.25in (201cm)

Product Details:

 • 30-gauge latex

 • Adjustable

 • Curved for better fit

Made in the USA

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