Latex Penis Sheath w/Urine Tube (C250)


Latex Penis Sheath w/Urine Tube

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The Latex Penis Sheath with Urine Tube is a thin, black latex sheath that fits snugly around the whole cock and balls. The urine tube allows the wearer to keep it on for much longer, and is great for golden shower play.

The latex is thick enough to feel the constriction, producing a pleasurably tight feeling when erect, but it's not so thick that you can't feel the flesh through it. The total length of this product is 9½" including the urine tube. The shaft is 5" long and has a circumference of 4½", while the latex ball sack has a circumference of 7¾". The opening is 2" in diameter. Add a bit of lube for an extra thrilling feeling.

These little fellows can be tricky to get on, but they're well worth the effort. We recommend using a quality lubricant to make it slip on more easily.

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