Latex Cap with Snaps (Y0010)

Latex Cap with Snaps

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Syren latex items are custom made.

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Based on an authentic WWII design that still looks contemporary, this swell rubber cap is equally attractive on both men and women. Think of it as a catchy accessory to add a sexy spark to everyday wear, or as the crowning glory of your ultimate rubber military outfit. Made from heavy duty 25 gauge latex, this item is available in black only.

Syren is a recognized brand among both fetish fashion enthusiasts and filmmakers who have counted on the company to produce costumes for films such as Batman, Catwoman and Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Joining forces with the latex designers, we are proud to announce that Syren products have improved manufacturing techniques that greatly increase the life of the garment, and exciting updated styles. All Syren products are produced in Los Angeles.

Head Circumference Hat Size
Small 21 ¼" 6 ¾"
Medium 22" 7"
Large 22 ¾" 7 ¼"
X-Large 24 ¼" 7 ¾""

Made In the USA

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