Killer Mouth Gag (E108)

Killer Mouth Gag

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This is simply the most effective way to deal with a mouthy sub. The leather strap keeps the rubber ball in place, freeing up your hands to tighten the ball as slowly as you like, eventually causing your insubordinate slave to gag. The full feeling of the rubber ball in your slave‚Äôs mouth as you screw it in further, gagging your servant into submission, will prove that you are the one in charge — if there was any doubt to begin with!

Features: Made of rubber, leather, interlocking buckles. One size fits most.


 • Ball size is 1.9in / 47mm

 • Adjustable strap length is 11in/28cm to 14in/35.6cm

Safety, Care and Usage.

Clean gag with warm, soapy water. Store in a cool, dry place.

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