Juliette (Marquis de Sade) (A656)

Juliette (Marquis de Sade)

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"As concerns the cruelty which leads to murder, we may confidently submit that it is one of man's most natural dispositions; it is one of the sweetest penchants, one of the keenest he has received from Nature; cruelty in man is simply an expression of his desire to exercise his strength."

"The Marquis de Sade, that freest of spirits to have lived so far, had ideas of his own on the subject of woman: he wanted her to be as free as a man. Out of these ideas - they will come through some day - grew a dual novel, Justine and Juliette. It was not by accident the Marquis chose heroines and not heroes. Justine is the woman as she has been hitherto, enslaved, miserable and less than human; her opposite, Juliette represents the woman whose advent he anticipated, a figure of whom minds have as yet no conception, who is arising out of mankind, who shall have wings, and who shall renew the world."
-Apollinaire as quoted in the 1949 Pauvert edition

*The 1205 pages of this monolith constitute the novel, Juliette.

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