Ivy Manor

A Time to Squeal

A Time to Squeal $19.95

Synopsis: It’s time to squeal when this giggly slave finds himself in the middle of a double team by Mistress Isabella and Jezebel Chi. This dynamic duo goes to the extremes of bondage and tickle torture using items such as feathers, shrink wrap, and a gas mask, just to name a few. More >>


Bullwhipping $19.95

Synopsis: A trip to New York presents Mistress Isabella with the opportunity to deliver a long overdue bullwhipping to one of Her loyal slaves on the East Coast – or perhaps the term “whipping boy” would be more appropriate! This Sadistic Goddess unlocks Her stash of bullwhips (five in... More >>

Corporate Punishment 1 Taming the Pig

Corporate Punishment 1 Taming the Pig $19.95

Synopsis: A businessmen relishes in the opportunity for an endeavor with an extremely beautiful associate. In the process, he loses focus on the details of the negotiations and ends up signing himself "away" for a day. It turns out the beautiful associate is Isabella Sinclaire, which leaves... More >>

Domestic Import

Domestic Import $34.95

Synopsis: Slave to none, Rubber Boy comes to the Ivy Manor to play. As they explore their new relationship, Mistress Isabella soon has Her new plya-partner trained like a slave in this CBT-heavy session. And as a slave, he learns to appreciate every painful pleasure The Mistress offers.... More >>

Domestic Training

Domestic Training $19.95

Synopsis: Mistress Isabella is hosting a dinner at the Ivy Manor, which means a day of hard and very humiliating labor for Her servants. Get a first hand view of the difficulty of cleaning a toilet with a toothbrush or scrubbing a floor with your face or dusting using your butt…and other... More >>

Hotel Hell Latex Stranger

Hotel Hell Latex Stranger $19.95

Synopsis: This time Isabella finds out that She doesn’t always have to trick men into getting punished. While Mistress Isabella is in a bar looking for the next victim, a latex clad man sends Her a drink. A little conversation -and- before you know it he’s in Her room getting tied up and... More >>

Hotel Hell Sin City

Hotel Hell Sin City $19.95

Synopsis: This is the first installment of the Hotel Hell series. Isabella gets two unsuspecting men into some serious trouble. In SIN city anything is possible, but when cat calling the wrong girl, these men get more than they bargained for. One of her victims finds himself all tied up and... More >>

Humilation of Geek Worm

Humilation of Geek Worm $19.95

Synopsis: Slave geek worm is disciplined for having no control when he is told to keep his eyes down. Features verbal humiliation, ashtray humiliation, face slapping, dog food consumption and spitting.

Cast: Isabella Sinclaire More >>

Ivy Manor 4 - Continuing Education

Ivy Manor 4 - Continuing Education $24.95

Synopsis: Part 4 of the series returns Jennifer to the Manor, where she must endure a new set of torments from Mistress Isabella. And when she’s not being... More >>

Operation Reprogram

Operation Reprogram $19.95

Synopsis: Domina M comes in to find that Isabella has left a new test subject for their male reprogramming research. So She digs right in and after a little single tail warm-up, She proceeds to slapping, teasing, burning, humiliation and torturing his mind into submission.
More >>

Paying the Price Part 1

Paying the Price Part 1 $19.95

Synopsis: Dancer is paying the price for being a compulsive gambler. Mistress Isabella sews his balls around his cock. She gives him a whipping to remember, then practices Her aim with a couple of clothes pins. Just to remind him of his compulsiveness, She tax whips him a few times and... More >>

Paying the Price Part 2

Paying the Price Part 2 $19.95

Synopsis: Mistress Isabella gives dancer 10 lashings with Her cane. She checks the marks She left from the day before. Isabella decides to cut dancer’s scraggly hair. After shaving his head, She checks his stitches to see if She’s ready to take them out. Dancer doesn’t get it so easy –... More >>

Pinkys Trial

Pinkys Trial $19.95

Synopsis: Mistress Betka Schpitz and her slave pinky have come to Isabella to celebrate their three-month anniversary. They are testing pinky to see if she can tell which mistress is which, by taste, smell, whip and cane. When she fails she gets stretched with another slave on her rack. More >>

Proving his Devotion 2

Proving his Devotion 2 $19.95

Synopsis: Once again this slave has found himself trying to prove to Mistress Isabella that he is devoted and worthy of being her submissive. In this forth installment of the Owner's Manual series Isabella tests his devotion by putting him through the ringer. This video features flogging,... More >>

Punishment for Profanity

Punishment for Profanity $19.95

Synopsis: Three times now this gimp has had to prove himself worthy of being owned by Mistress Isabella. This round finds the slave attempting to prove that he deserves wearing Her initials via a branding. One would think he would have learned that this level of devotion is difficult to... More >>

Slut Control

Slut Control $19.95

Synopsis: This new little slut can't seem to control his little man clit. Enter Mistress Isabella, who is quick to give him a lesson in control! The beautiful Mistress's training methods includes bondage, flogging, and a course on servitude. Class doesn't end until Mistress Isabella is... More >>


Strapping $19.95

Synopsis: When a slave continually looks into Mistress Isabella’s eyes, She has no choice but to administer a severe strapping. If he can gain control of his wandering eyes he might earn the privilege of gazing into Her beauty. But after nonstop lashings with belts, straps, whips and more,... More >>

Tales from the Manor Part 2

Tales from the Manor Part 2 $19.95

Synopsis: It seems there’s no rest for the weary at the Manor as Isabella (Isabella Sinclaire) begins to plan for an upcoming party. First, she must continue her slave’s punishment with a harsh whipping session. Meanwhile, Julie (Darby) is hooded and caged under the impression that Jennifer... More >>

The Lab Mouse Experiment

The Lab Mouse Experiment $19.95

Synopsis: When two beautiful researchers post an ad for volunteers to take part in their unusual studies, it’s not surprising that they end up with a subject named Mouse. Mistress’ Isabella and Jezebel put their lab mouse through a series of examinations to test his senses, including heavy... More >>

The Tickle Toy

The Tickle Toy $19.95

Synopsis: Mistress Isabella’s hot female submissive gets caught trying on her Owner’s clothes, “just for the fun of it.” After administering an over-the-knee spanking as punishment, Isabella turns the tables and decides to have lots of fun with Her playful submissive. This darling redhead... More >>


Yardboy $19.95

Synopsis: Mistress Isabella’s correction methods are quick and swift as She gags the potty-mouthed slave with soap, dowses him with frigid water, and repeatedly beats him with a hose and switches, including some brutally stinging whacks at his frozen penis, which nearly brings him to... More >>

Submission of Star

Submission of Star $34.95

Synopsis: It began with a knock at the door. Slave Star returns to the Ivy Manor from her worldly travels. But because of her journey of misbehavior, Mistress Isabella Sinclaire is forced to remind Star that there is no place like home…to be whipped back into shape, that is. More >>

Agony For De Feet

Agony For De Feet $19.95

Synopsis: Mistress Isabella presents Her chastised slave a series of challenges to give him the opportunity to lick chocolate and honey off Her precious feet! He must first earn his way out of a devious chastity device, which means enduring Mistress Isabella’s tortures and torments –... More >>

Corporate Punishment 2 Downsizing

Corporate Punishment 2 Downsizing $19.95

Synopsis: After attending to some business matters, Mistress Isabella picks up right where she left off with her corporate pig beating the hell out of him! This intense conclusion to a two part series begins with the corporate pig in suspension for a heavy bullwhipping and some cigarette... More >>

Sweaty Sock Sucker

Sweaty Sock Sucker $19.95

Synopsis: A slave on loan to Mistress Isabella gets caught “kicking back” when she returns from a work out. From that point on its Isabella who does the kicking! Her little foot slave finds himself getting very intimate with Her sweaty feet, as he is forced to small, lick, suck and massage... More >>