Inflatable Butterfly Gag (B214)


Inflatable Butterfly Gag
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This novel gag looks fairly benign in its deflated state but can be quite a mouthful once it's pumped up.

The center oval section is inserted into the mouth behind the teeth. The "butterfly" portion then fits between the cheeks and teeth. When inflated, it expands inside the mouth and balloons out the cheeks.

It becomes difficult to keep the gag in place when it is inflated beyond the mouth's natural capacity. Depending on how you want to use the gag, this difficulty could be either a limitation or an advantage. (The submissive could be challenged to hold the gag in place as it becomes increasingly more difficult.)

If you want to hold it more securely in place, try the O-Ring Gag positioned to the front of the gag and strapped around the back of the head. Air pressure is controlled by a bulb pump which is connected by a tube about 12" (30cm) long.

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