Inflatable Anal Toys

Renegade Men's Pleasure System

Renegade Men‘s Pleasure System $60.00 | SALE: $39.00

The Renegade Men's Pleasure System is a great toy for anal pleasure, but it does so much more than that.

The Pleasure System takes on the front and rear at the same time, making for an intense experience that extends through the entire male genital area. The anal plug can be gently... More >>

Inflatable Double Butt Plug w/ Handle

Inflatable Double Butt Plug w/ Handle  $49.00

More than just a plug, this new addition is a DOUBLE plug that inflates and comes attached to a sturdy handle!

If you've been curious about larger plugs but aren't quite ready to commit, the option to control the size with the help of a medical-grade pump might be just what you... More >>

Inflatable Enema Plug

Inflatable Enema Plug $29.99

Hours of fun are in your hands with this uniquely redesigned inflatable enema plug!

The most outstanding feature of this toy is an extra-long separate hose running the length of the inflation tube. When it's time to administer the enema, just connect your preferred means of water... More >>

2-in-1 Inflatable Dildo and Butt Plug

2-in-1 Inflatable Dildo and Butt Plug $45.99

Your erotic play just became half as complicated and twice as nice with this inflatable dildo and butt plug combo! Whether you share it with a partner or keep it all to yourself, the intense dual stimulation of this item doubles the fun of traditional inflating toys.

With just a squeeze... More >>

Inflatable Butt Plug

Inflatable Butt Plug $38.00

With a slight squeeze of hand, you can easily pump your way to the perfect fit for your anal pleasure!

This sleek and sturdy inflatable anal plug made of high-quality natural latex features a metal twist valve to release the pressure when you've finished with your fun, as well as a... More >>

Purple Inflatable Butt Plug

Purple Inflatable Butt Plug $78.00

Put it in and pump it up with The Purple Inflatable Butt Plug, The hottest inflatable rubber anal toy from Doc Johnson. We highly recommend The Purple Inflatable Butt Plug for kinky and deeply satisfying dildo training sessions which will leave your P-Spot feeling marvelous.
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Expanding Vibrating Anal Plug

Expanding Vibrating Anal Plug $31.50

This wonderful plug both expands and vibrates! It's a great plug for anal enthusiasts who enjoy varying widths and vibrations. Choose the size that's perfect for you and let the multi-vibrations push you over the edge of pleasure!

This toy comes in either black or beige latex, with a... More >>

Magic Ball with Double Dildo

Magic Ball with Double Dildo $89.00

In defiance of convention, we offer this single enormous ball, with 2 organs of penetration.

Like the Magic Ball with Single Dildo, this item offers a combination of exercise and erotic exploration in one extremely colorful, bouncy package!... More >>