Hot Nights Gift Basket (C259)


Hot Nights Gift Basket
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This special Limited Edition Lover's Gift Basket has a great sampling of many wonderful Lover's Choice products. In one romantic smorgasbord of a gift collection, you will find everything necessary for an unforgettable evening.

There is a bottle of oil, a bottle of cream scented with Passion Rose, some skin-warming Hot Heart Massager, Scented Rose Petals to sprinkle around the boudoir, and Champagne Flutes to toast yourselves!

And that's just the beginning! Check out the rest of the items below. Here are the tools; you create the memories.

This basket contains your old favorites, plus items sure to become new ones:

* Scented Rose Petals
* Hot Heart Massager
* Sizzling Body Candy
* Rose Essentials Scented Bubble Bath
* Rose Essentials Rose Scented Massage Cream
* Bliss Dust
* Champagne Flutes
* Blindfold
* Heart Shaped Chocolates
* Special Invitation Card

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