Head-Ring with Spikes (C732)


Head-Ring with Spikes
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The Head-Ring with Spikes was specially designed for intense erotic torment of the cock head. Hard core CBT enthusiasts will be delighted with the wonderfully painful sensations produced by this inventive yet simple device.

The Head-Ring with Spikes is constructed from stainless steel and developed specifically to torment the cock. The heavy steel ring is lined with six internal spikes that poke the head of the penis and dig in. The weight of the ring pulls on the cock while the small spikes stab into the head. The combined effect is a deeply focused and prolonged feeling of penis torment that should satisfy CBT slaves and the Masters and Mistresses who command them.

The Head-Ring with Spikes weighs a total of 3.52 oz. (.22 lbs.). The internal diameter of the ring is 25mm (1”), and the external diameter is 40mm. The ring is 10/16” tall and 5/16” wide.

There is one set of spike-screws included. It is quite easy to unscrew the spikes whenever you desire a change. The set has six screws. Every screw has a 4mm diameter and they are each 8mm in length. Once screwed inside the ring the spikes are 10mm apart from each other.

A knob-ring is also provided in case you want to attach weights, small chains, nipple clamps, or a penis lead. The knob-ring has an 8mm diameter and is 11/16” long.

The Head-Ring with Spikes is a heavy duty piece of cock torment equipment that concentrates on punishing the head in a wonderfully erotic fashion. Getting an erection while inside the ring adds to the already intense CBT. The spikes will dig in deeper as the cock swells and as the erection grows it will begin to lift the weight of the ring as it struggles. Mistresses and Masters will find great pleasure in teasing their slaves and submissives into a grueling state of arousal.

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