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Guillotine Hood

Guillotine Hood $145.00

The Guillotine Hood is a stylish and edgy BDSM re-imagining of the dreaded executioners hood worn throughout history. This versatile leather hood can be worn by both master or submissive and has a variety of kinky role play possibilities just waiting to... More >>

The Punisher Muzzle

The Punisher Muzzle $117.00

This menacing looking leather muzzle has a skull-like design and a snap-on blindfold. It is held securely in place by four straps, four lockable chrome buckles (*collar not... More >>

Rubber Head Harness w/ Muzzle

Rubber Head Harness w/ Muzzle $135.00

Heavy 30-gauge latex rubber wraps snugly around the face. This harness is held securely in place by 4 straps, 3 chrome buckles, and a collar. It is solidly constructed with 29 chrome rivets and canvas re-enforcements.

Also Availabe in More >>

Head-On Harness

Head-On Harness $64.00

This is a soft black leather harness which is used to strap a dildo onto the head, protruding from the face. It has adjustable leather straps that wrap securely around the head and chin. This harness will work with a dildo that has balls or a sufficiently flared base and a shaft... More >>

Finnish Military Gas Mask (Alternate Version)

Finnish Military Gas Mask (Alternate Version) $38.50

This is a limited edition version of our Finnish Military Gas Mask. The only difference is a slight variation in the front of the mask. Only available while supplies last!

There's nothing like combining your apocalypse fetish, your military fetish, and breathing control all... More >>

Two-Toned Dog Hood

Two-Toned Dog Hood $299.00

This striking Two-Toned Dog Face Hood is made of black leather with soft tan suede for the muzzle and ears. It looks like a Doberman with a zippered mouth. Very pettable!

Unzip the muzzle for full access to the mouth. It has a... More >>

 The Pig Face Hood

The Pig Face Hood $299.00

For those of you into piggy play...finally a leather hood that actually looks like a real pig face. With its snap-on dildo gag, and our tight but comfortable fit, it is a hood that leaves a lasting impression.

The pig face hood includes a hard leather snout front with nostril slits,... More >>

Leather Bunny Hood

Leather Bunny Hood $229.00

The Leather Bunny Hood is a top quality leather bondage hood, exclusive to Stockroom.com. It is available in deceptively innocent white, or black leather for a slightly darker look. This animal face hood is hand crafted from premium garment leather by highly skilled seamstresses. Careful attention... More >>

Pony Head Bridle Set

Pony Head Bridle Set $275.00 - $295.00

You could search the finest stables in the world for the rest of your life and never find a bridle set as intricate and beautiful as this one. Crafted by our own in-house design team, this set consists of a harness, a blindfold, blinders, and a muzzle. The harness has four adjustable straps: three... More >>

Silicone Bit Gag

Silicone Bit Gag $27.99

Silence is golden with the Silicone Bit Gag, designed to keep the wearer quiet without compromising comfort. Crafted out of soft silicone and flexible leather, this silicone gag has no taste, and is ideal for bondage beginners and pony play enthusiasts alike. The gag itself is extremely gentle on... More >>

Stainless Steel Horse Hair Anal Plug

Stainless Steel Horse Hair Anal Plug $99.00

Pony play and anal fun unite in this elegant Stainless Steel Horse Hair Anal Plug. This well crafted, nicely weighted plug has a pleasing tear drop shape for ease of entry. The slim post that connects to the tail ensures this plug will stay right where you want it while you play as hard as you... More >>

Ponytail Anal Plug

Ponytail Anal Plug $58.00

Each of these rubber anal plugs has a long pony tail flowing from the base. The plug is contoured in an hourglass shape to conform to anal anatomy. The tail consists of hundreds of strands of authentic horsehair measuring approximately 21" in length.

Using the plugs as handles, you... More >>

Ponytail Anal Plug, Blonde

Ponytail Anal Plug, Blonde $58.00

This black latex anal plug has a long blonde pony tail flowing from the base. The plug is contoured in an hourglass shape to conform to anal anatomy. The tail consists of hundreds of strands of authentic horsehair measuring approximiately 21" in length. Using the plugs as handles, you can also use... More >>

Ponytail Anal Plug, Red

Ponytail Anal Plug, Red $55.00

This black latex anal plug has a long red pony tail flowing from the base. The plug is contoured in an hourglass shape to conform to anal anatomy. The tail consists of hundreds of strands of authentic horsehair measuring approximiately 21" in length. Using the plugs as handles, you can also... More >>

Jackboot Paddle

Jackboot Paddle $56.00

Give them the boot! The Raging Stallion Jackboot Paddle packs a wallop, leaving a distinct impression; a rubber boot sole, size 14, on one side of this 18-inch oak paddle means one solid smack leaves a classic boot-bottom imprint on the ass of the receiver. This spanker is very effective, and you... More >>

The Lolly Crop

The Lolly Crop $55.00

This fun and naughty Lolly Crop gives resounding smacks that are as delicious as candy. This crop with a sense of humor is easy to aim, sturdy, flexible and looks fantastic. The bing cherry-red silicone disc on the business end has a 2 1/2" diameter, and the whole crop is 21" in length and 1/2"... More >>

Short Riding Crop, Wide End

Short Riding Crop, Wide End $24.00

This item is made to travel!
Easier to store in toybags, this all black crop is an 18" version of our Wide End Riding Crop. Compact yet effective, this crop will keep you in charge, even when you're away from home.

... More >>

Helping Hand Riding Crop

Helping Hand Riding Crop $26.00

Get the best of both worlds: a cute and playful item which is also very well made and functional.

This riding crop features a little black leather hand at the end. It is 26" long overall, with a handle made of sturdy rubber. The shaft is made from a durable fiberglass rod wrapped with... More >>

Patent Leather Riding Crop

Patent Leather Riding Crop $39.50

For those of you who enjoy a shorter crop that is easier to store, fits in toybags, and manages well in a tight situation, this one is for you.

Made of an elegant and very shiny patent leather, with a 2½" wide head, 18" long. It has a looped handle that is braided into the... More >>

Inflatable Penis Gag w/ Tube

Inflatable Penis Gag w/ Tube $52.00

If you've had problems finding perfectly-sized gags, inflatables can be the way to go.

This heavy-gauge rubber gag has a 2" (5.1cm) penis-shaped head which can be slowly inflated to the size and shape of a small apple, up to 3" (7.5 cm) in diameter. A soft rubber tube,... More >>

Inflatable Penis Gag

Inflatable Penis Gag $34.00

If you've had problems finding perfectly-sized gags, inflatables can be the way to go.

This heavy-gauge rubber gag has a 2" (5.1cm) penis-shaped head which can be slowly inflated to the size and shape of a small apple, up to 3" (7.5 cm) in diameter. Air and pressure are... More >>

In and Out Penis Gag w/ Removable Dildo

In and Out Penis Gag w/ Removable Dildo $52.00

This black leather gag comes with a light beige rubber dildo, one side 2" long to be pushed into the mouth, and one side 6" long which protrudes on the outside.

The usual application is for a slave to give pleasure to a mistress in an intimate, submissive way while being gagged with a... More >>

Belladonna's Magic Hand

Belladonna‘s Magic Hand $29.00

You've seen her in movies and now you can have a little of Belladonna's Magic right in your own bedroom. Molded in Sil-i-Gel directly from Belladonna's actual hand! This illustrious appendage is for the adventurous at heart no matter where you allow it to explore. ... More >>

Fat Jack Bumps

Fat Jack Bumps $119.00

This Don Wands dildo is one of the largest glass pleasure wands available on the market! The series of raised glass bumps not only enhance the pleasure, but add to the unique and beautiful look of this toy.

This glass sex toy comes complete with a charming, decorative, and colorful... More >>

Devil Duckie Vibrator

Devil Duckie Vibrator $21.00

This adorably devilish waterproof vibrator sits by your bath, jacuzzi, or bed looking innocently like a bath toy! The Devil Duckie sports his own stylish red cape and horns and still manages to look cute as a... More >>

Realistic Black Vinyl Dildo - Fat and Curvy

Realistic Black Vinyl Dildo - Fat and Curvy $34.95

Regular Price: $49.00
Clearance Price: $34.95!

Black Vinyl dildo cock with balls. Flexible and thick, a staple for any toy bag! Features a smooth shaft, textured balls and a solid sturdy base with plenty to... More >>

Black Pearl Vibrating Bullet

Black Pearl Vibrating Bullet $13.99

This stealthy, multiple speed bullet vibe offers discreet pleasure in the palm of your hand. With its soft, matte black coating and single button control, this toy is simple and effective, providing strong clitoral stimulation.

Product Details:

 • Length:... More >>

7 Wheel Pinwheel

7 Wheel Pinwheel  $35.00

This unique spin on the classic Wartenberg Pinwheel uses 7 individually spinning wheels for enhanced sensations. The wheels are evenly spaced with radiating sharp pins that stimulate the nerves when rolled across the skin. If you are a fan of sensory play then this a must... More >>

Trailer Hitch (TM)

Trailer Hitch (TM) $8.00 - $175.00

The Trailer Hitch anal plug and cock ring from The Stockroom combines two mind blowing toys in one. Keep your cock stiff and your ass stuffed at the same time with this unique “Trailer Hitch". Designed with your pleasure in mind this impressive anal/cock toy combo is the perfect device for... More >>

Head Ring w/ Penis Plug

Head Ring w/ Penis Plug $98.00

Made of medical grade steel, this sleek and effective Head Ring has a special tapered penis plug attached to the ring. The ring is worn tightly around the head of the penis and the plug is inserted into the urethra. ... More >>

Graziano Penis Plug

Graziano Penis Plug $89.00

The exquisitely designed Graziano Penis Plug incorporates five grooves along the shaft of the plug for extra stimulation of the urethra. It is tapered to a rounded point for easier insertion. The plug is attached to a small hinged ring, a connecting piece, which connects to the head ring. This dual... More >>

Head Ring with Sperm Stopper

Head Ring with Sperm Stopper  $54.00

Genital bondage can be greatly enhanced with our Sperm Stopper Glans Ring. This beautiful item has a small hinged hook (with an 8mm steel ball at the tip) that can be attached to one of two rings that come with it. There is a 25mm diameter glans ring and a 31mm diameter ring that are... More >>

Hexagonal Glans Ring

Hexagonal Glans Ring $32.00

The Hexa Glans Ring is a glans ring that is stainless steel and has a hexagonal shape and smooth edges. It is very simple to use and fits firmly around the penis head in a completely secure fashion. The ball is strategically placed to apply pressure in the best way possible that completely... More >>

Head Ring with Ball

Head Ring with Ball $32.00

The Head Ring, which is sometimes called a glans ring, adorns the head of the penis and is used in erotic genital bondage. Glans rings are worn tightly around the head of the cock and will give new firm sensations during sex play, alone or with another.

This design includes a Glans Ring... More >>

Double Ball Headring with Sperm Stopper

Double Ball Headring with Sperm Stopper $79.00

This Sperm Stopper gives the cock a hard firm head, just like during an orgasm. Cock bondage can be greatly enhanced with our Sperm Stopper Head Ring. This patented beauty has a small hinged hook (with an 5/16" steel ball at the tip) attached to the 1 1/4" diameter glans ring. It is worn tightly... More >>

Vampire Gloves

Vampire Gloves $49.00

The Vampire Gloves are sporty black leather gloves made of soft, thin leather, with a snap closure at the wrist and one other special feature: the fingers have prickly little tacks sticking out of them (96 to be exact). The tacks are short, about 1/8" long, and will prick and scratch the skin like... More >>

The Claw

The Claw $25.00

The Claw is a sexy metal scratcher that fits comfortably on the finger and provides sensual scratching that can range from light and playful tickle, to intense scratching torture. This finger extension, scratching toy is a very attractive accessory that can easily be incorporated into role-play and... More >>

Spiked Ball Stretcher

Spiked Ball Stretcher $109.00

This Spiked Ball Stretcher can be used for light to heavy ball torment with its adjustable spikes. Weighing a hefty 10oz. with a diameter of 1 3/8", six pointed removable spikes can be screwed in according to depth of pain desired. The spikes can lightly touch the ball sack or drive the spikes in.... More >>

Dittle Sounds 8 Piece Set

Dittle Sounds 8 Piece Set $79.00

The Dittle Sounds 8 Piece Set is a kit that includes eight 11 and 1/2 inch urethral sounding instruments made of medical grade stainless steel. These beautiful sounds are quite long, with one flat end that makes a great connector for electrical play and stimulation. 8 urethral sounds total make up... More >>

Tooling Sounds

Tooling Sounds $94.00

The Tooling Sounds kit is a set of fourteen different urethral sounding tools that are each 7 inches long. The urethra dilating instruments in this tool kit are constructed from high quality, medical grade, stainless steel, and are great for urethral insertion and electrical stimulation, but using... More >>

Open ZZ Penis Plug

Open ZZ Penis Plug $48.00

The Open ZZ Penis Plug is a funnel-cone shaped, insertable urethral plug that promises to keep the penis open nice and wide. It is an innovative, hollow, metal penis accessory constructed from medical grade stainless steel. This is a sexy piece of additional decorative plumbing that is an ideal... More >>

The Twirl Penis Plug

The Twirl Penis Plug $88.00

This super long, striking stainless steel penis plug combines the pleasure of urethral sounding with features that allow it to be worn hands-free for longer periods of time than the average sounding rod. The shaft of this penis plug is hollow, allowing the wearer to urinate or cum without removing... More >>

Wizard Staff Penis Plug

Wizard Staff Penis Plug $74.00

Whether you’re into urethral sounding or are looking for a striking piece of cock jewelry, this visually commanding stainless steel penis plug is the perfect tool. The large, highly polished ball at the end sits at the tip of the penis when the plug is inserted. The ball prevents the plug from... More >>

Lightweight Solid Penis Plug

Lightweight Solid Penis Plug $46.00

This urethral plug may not be as extreme as some of the larger sounds we carry, but it is still a formidable insert for those looking for a bondage toy designed to prevent urination or ejaculation.

The steel ring on the thin end prevents over insertion, while the hump in the... More >>

Head Ring with Pressure Bead

Head Ring with Pressure Bead $38.00

This ring is meant to be worn around the ridge just beneath the head of your cock to increase stimulation by applying pressure to the glans of the penis. The shining steel ring and bead also decorate the penis nicely, so it's both attractive and functional.

Product... More >>

Orbital Head Ring

Orbital Head Ring $38.00

This ring is meant to be worn around the ridge just beneath the head of your cock to increase stimulation by applying pressure to the glans of the penis. Four spherical steel beads adorn the ring, three of them sliding freely, with one set in place at the seam where the two ends of the ring... More >>

Ribbed Rod Penis Sound

Ribbed Rod Penis Sound  $105.00

This edgy urethral sound features 5 round ribs along the shaft to increase the intensity of the sound play. The CNC-machined rod is made of aerospace-grade 6061 T6 alloy and has a row diameter ridges over its 6" length.

Approximate measurements:

Insertable length: 4... More >>

Day and Night Prince's Wand

Day and Night Prince‘s Wand  $89.00

The Day and Night Prince’s Wand is a urethral sound crafted from medical grade stainless steel. This penis plug is specifically designed with a hole that goes all the way through so that it can be worn all the time (hence the name) and urinated through if needed.

To prevent the wand... More >>

Thru-Hole Penis Plug

Thru-Hole Penis Plug  $47.50

This beautiful "plug" for the male's urethra has an added twist of having a steel ring to prevent over insertion as opposed to a widened "hilt" area on other models. It's great for a simulated pierced look. The CNC-machined plug shape is made of aluminum alloy and permits very gradual insertion... More >>

Gates of Hell Penis Plug

Gates of Hell Penis Plug $118.00

The Gates-of-Hell is the newest Prince's Wand design, and it's the ultimate fix for CBT fans in search of deep urethral sounding coupled with severe cock bondage. This exciting piece is one of the first to use both glans rings and cock rings to hold it firmly in place.

In Dante's... More >>

Anatomically Formed Prince's Wand

Anatomically Formed Prince‘s Wand $148.00

This urethral sound has been carefully crafted in medical-grade steel. The Prince's Wand was designed for insertion into the urethra.

It won't slip out, because the ring holds it in place at the glans. The wand is carefully sculpted with a subtle curve. It measures 3" in length and ¼" in... More >>

Giant Penis Plug

Giant Penis Plug $98.00

Grooved for your pleasure, this appealing streamlined-design penis plug features a gently tapered, round point for easy insertion into the urethra. Running along the plug’s sleek steel shaft are five deep, machined grooves, equal distance apart from one another, creating a ribbed texture for... More >>

Tit Tuggers

Tit Tuggers $125.00

The Tit Tuggers consist of a pair of erotic nickel plated breast and nipple torment devices specially designed to pinch and pull the tits. The Tit Tuggers are pleasurably painful and playful, and even though they pinch hard they feel good.

The Tit Tuggers work by first clamping the... More >>

Equine Speculum

Equine Speculum $97.00

This item is not for the faint of heart. The sheer size of this spreader is enough to terrify most. This huge stainless steel speculum was designed for use in diagnostic examinations and similar veterinary procedures performed on farm animals . Although it may look like it comes from a... More >>

Inflatable Intestinal Explorer

Inflatable Intestinal Explorer $168.00

This device increases the depth of the nozzle when administering an enema. It is insertable up to 11 inches.

It has a black valved hand-pump which inflates a yellow rubber balloon which houses an orange tube and nozzle. After insertion, with pumping, the balloon widens to... More >>

Jail Cell Stand Up Cage

Jail Cell Stand Up Cage $888.00

The Jail Cell Stand-Up Cage is the ultimate dungeon accessory. This security cage is perfect for keeping a human captive exactly where you want. You can stash your prisoner, slave, or submissive in this very attractive steel cage and won’t need to worry about them escaping. This strong and secure... More >>

The Slave Driver Fucking Machine

The Slave Driver Fucking Machine $1,050.00 - $1,079.00

The Slave Driver is a sex machine/slave trainer. The sex machine attachment mounts to the back of a doggie style-position stockade for discipline training.

The machine features a smoothly advancing stroke setting, extending from 1½ to 6 inches. Simply loosen the adjusting knob by... More >>

Blue-Bot Robo Lover Fucking Machine

Blue-Bot Robo Lover Fucking Machine $38.00 - $729.00

The Blue Bot Robo Lover is a fucking machine with a beautiful navy blue Powder Coat finish, user-friendly design, and remote control. It is manufactured with high quality components built to last a lifetime. The ingenious design allows simple angle and height adjustment for many exciting,... More >>

The Stealth Fucking Machine

The Stealth Fucking Machine $519.00 - $539.00

The machine is adjustable from 0 to 160 strokes per minute. The stroke may be smoothly adjusted from 1 to 5 inches. Simply loosen the adjusting knob by hand, reposition to the desired depth of stroke, and retighten the knob. No tools are required, and there are no preset positions. Find the... More >>

Nurse Handbag

Nurse Handbag $12.00

Whether you’re toting it around town to hold your lipstick and wallet as part of a costume, or keeping it in your dungeon filled with small medical “necessities,” this lunchbox style nurse’s bag is sure to complete the... More >>

Dog Face Hood with Blindfold

Dog Face Hood with Blindfold $348.00

This handmade piece is a heavy-duty leather bondage/slave hood with the usual snap-on mouth-filling gag and removable blindfold, but it can also convert into an impressive Dog Face Hood. It makes for flexible transitions from a... More >>

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