Glow-In-the-Dark Clone-A-Willy (C311)


Glow-In-the-Dark Clone-A-Willy
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The Glow-in the-Dark Clone-A-Willy is the perfect kinky green gift. It’s easy being green and makes being glow in the dark easy and fun!

This Clone-A-Willy has a completely safe, specially-blended Glow Powder in its Liquid Rubber mixture to create a vibrating duplicate of a penis or dildo that GLOWS IN THE DARK.

Each kit comes with easy-to-follow instructions and includes everything necessary to produce an accurate rubber copy of a penis. These are the same top-quality materials being used in Hollywood to create life-like props and special effects. Use the same State-of-the-Art materials to create your own copy of a penis right at home.

Contains no latex. Usable with any lube. Think of the gift opportunities!

Keep that special someone at home, even when he's far away. Comes with complete instructions.

How Does it work?

1. Mix Molding Powder (and Glow Powder) with water and pour into molding tube.

2. To make the mold, insert your penis into the mold container and hold for approx. 60 seconds (Mold container measures approx. 2.5" in diameter and approx. 11" in length).

3. Remove your penis and pour in the 'Liquid Rubber'. Let it set 24 hours.

4. Simply slide out your permanent replica and insert the vibrating unit.

1 AA Batteries not included.

For safety, sharing, and easy clean-up of your toys, use a condom!
Made in the USA

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