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Whether you're making the trek to San Francisco for Folsom Street Fair this year, or holding your own kinky event in the privacy of your own home, celebrate in style with great gear, wear, and toys hand-picked to ensure you have a blast no matter what!

Dont forget to stop by our booth at Folsom Street Fair this year and say hi as we serve up some of our finest Stockroom Gear, from classic to new, as well some surprises!

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Custom Leather Body Harness, Locking

Custom Leather Body Harness, Locking $195.00

Designed for women's bodies, this harness has 3 horizontal straps, one above the breasts, one below them, and one around the waist, held together by three vertical straps - one in front and two in the back.

Express shipping not available.

There are... More >>

The Gladiator

The Gladiator $89.00

This unique 3-strap male chest harness is perfect for those looking to re-capture that Roman look in a modern setting, like a leather contest or bar.

This harness features two adjustable buckling underarm straps, while the over-the-shoulder strap is fastened together with rivets. The... More >>

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