G-Spot Link (C768)

G-Spot Link

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The G-Spot Link is a black nylon strap with neoprene ankle cuffs that makes hitting the G-spot easier and more accurate than ever before. You can use the G-Spot Link to tilt the hips and enter the vaginal canal or anus from a new angle making penetration deeper and more satisfying for everyone.

The G-spot Link is an adjustable strap that is a maximum of 13.5” long. It is 1.5” wide and adjusts using a black plastic buckle that also works as the fastener for connecting the two ankle cuffs. The adjustable neoprene cuffs have a maximum circumference of 16.5” and are 2” wide.

The G-spot Link is easy to use in a few different ways.

For wrap around “missionary enhancement”:

Lie back and wrap your legs around your partner’s back. Your partner (while on top of you), can reach behind him and fasten the cuffs. The cuffs can be adjusted using one hand. In this position you can comfortably leave your legs wrapped around your partner without experiencing muscle fatigue, allowing you to make great use of your excess energy.

The “windshield wiper technique”:

With your legs in front of you, bring the knees to your chest and put on the cuffs. Your partner can use the strap like a handle and move your legs in a “windshield wiper” motion. This makes extra deep penetration very simple and allows you to explore different and new exciting possibilities with various sexual positions. This is a terrific anal sex technique.

The G-Spot Link lets you reinvent sexual positions and makes sex adventurous!

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