Forced Fem 1 (IC37042)


Forced Fem 1
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Synopsis:You think it's easy being a girl? Ever try to walk in 4 inch pumps? It's not easy, and these guys are about to learn. Samantha Sin dresses Les Moore up for a stroll on the town, then reams his ass with a strap on like a sailor. Kylee Reese is sick of having her panties go missing, so when she finds the perv who takes them, she dolls him up, shaves his ass and slams it in with her strap on. Cassandra Cruz is sick of the paparazzi sneaking around, so she finds one in her bushes, pretties him up like a slut and takes him out to pump gas before she pumps his ass. Yeah, it ain't so easy being pretty is it?

Cast List:Kylee Reese, Samantha Sin, Cassandra Cruz, Peter Piper

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