Folsom Book: A Guide to Electric Sex (A590)

Folsom Book: A Guide to Electric Sex
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Written by the folks at Folsom Electric Company, this is a basic manual on using signal generator boxes (low-frequency) with electrode attachments for erotic play. This book is great for beginners looking for clear and basic instructions for e-stim play.

It covers important subjects such as:

Basics of Electricity

Basics of Electro-Stimulation

Warnings & Safety Concerns

Erotic Electrical Play

S/M Electrical Play

Characteristics of the PSG-200 series Boxes

Other Electrical Boxes

Electrical Toys- Butt Plugs, Bipolar Clips, Cup Electrodes, Prods, Cock Rings, Alligator Clips

Use of Tens units, Muscle Stimulaters & Other Sources of Electricity

Of course, since it was written by the Folsom people, it will be biased in favor of their products, but the knowledge shared in this book is a very helpful introduction to all basic tens-unit oriented electrical play.

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