Fetish Academy 3 (GC00204)

Fetish Academy 3

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Total enclosure, masks & gags, body bags & vacuum beds, ponyplay & bondage, dildos and anal plugs, ballet boots and corsets , dominance and submission - all of this is part of the training at the bizarre Fetish Academy. The students live and sleep completely enclosed in rubber and are being subjected to intense fetish training in isolation cells. An all star cast provides the finest of fetish entertainment and shows off a real firework of bizarre scenarios. The amazing costumes have been designed and made specially for this film in our in-house fashion studio. Enjoy the most elaborate Marquis production ever!

Starring: Emily Marilyn, Luzi Lee, Rubberella, Rubber Eva, Serpila, Stacey

Director: Peter W. Czernich

Running Time: 100 minutes

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