Fer-de-Lance Silicone Core Whip (QU01693)


Fer-de-Lance Silicone Core Whip
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This exceptionally well-crafted whip gives pleasure by flogging the skin, while stimulating the muscles underneath with a thudding impact. The increased weight of the whip, made heavier by a silicone core with leather insets, adds to this effect, making the Fer-de-Lance a very effective device. The Fer-de-Lance is made from soft calfskin leather with a thickness of between 1.2 and 1.4 mm.

This whip is made for sexual play or flogging, not flagellation. Knots at the ends are soft in order to cause less damage to the skin. The high quality, handmade whips are braided, decreasing in width toward the ends and cut in precise strips for a more consistent impact, and feature the S&M symbol at the heel of each handle. Despite the impact of the strikes, from an experienced handler these whips should not produce lacerations or marks, just a red coloration of the skin.

Product Details:

  • Total Length: 40in (101.6cm)

  • Fall Length: 4in (12cm)

  • Wrist Loop Length: 2.5in (6.3cm)

  • Weight: 0.7 lb (12 oz)

Safety and Usage

Before using a whip in your play, be sure to obtain quality instruction and then practice, practice, practice. Leather whips should be stored away from excessive dirt, dust, heat and moisture. Condition your whip with a quality leather conditioner every six months and you will have this whip for years to come. Keep away from your pets, as they love to chew on these leather whips!

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