Custom Leather Body Harness, Locking

Custom Leather Body Harness, Locking $195.00

Designed for women's bodies, this harness has 3 horizontal straps, one above the breasts, one below them, and one around the waist, held together by three vertical straps - one in front and two in the back.

Express shipping not available.

There are... More >>

The Gladiator

The Gladiator $89.00

This unique 3-strap male chest harness is perfect for those looking to re-capture that Roman look in a modern setting, like a leather contest or bar.

This harness features two adjustable buckling underarm straps, while the over-the-shoulder strap is fastened together with rivets. The... More >>

The Combat

The Combat $99.00

Declare war on unfashionable fetish gear with this handsome collar and shoulder harness combo.

This harness comes with 4 shoulder strap buckles and 1 collar buckle to hold it firmly in place. The collar even has a D-ring in the front for easy leash or lead attachment. There's a... More >>

The Bruiser Bulldog Harness

The Bruiser Bulldog Harness $69.00

This upper body men's leather harness frames your upper torso for a fully strapped look that frames your pecs and shoulders, and fits snugly and comfortably. The chest straps snap close with adjustable nickel-plated snaps that meet just under the armpit, while each shoulder strap features a simple,... More >>

The Contender Harness

The Contender Harness $45.00

This 2-strap leather shoulder harness is perfect for the man who wants a minimalist fetish harness without a lot of bells and whistles - or buckles!

The Contender puts you in the running for best dressed at the bondage ball with its simple design: two garment leather shoulder straps... More >>

Leather Torso Harnesses

Leather Torso Harnesses $139.00

This highly adjustable body harness features 8 buckles, 4 O-Rings, and a built-in cock ring. It wraps your torso in 1½" wide leather straps. The bold, masculine style gives you a fit that is snug, sensual, and exciting.

The cock ring that ships with this harness is... More >>

Bust Harness - In Leather or PVC

Bust Harness - In Leather or PVC $95.00

This unique bust harness is unlike any other on the market. Made of durable, quality leather or PVC with nickel-plated hardware, this harness is made to fit around the neck and under the breasts. Adjustable top piece fits around the neck like a collar and has a 1½ inch... More >>

PVC Female Slave Harness

PVC Female Slave Harness $195.00 - $208.00

This gorgeous heavy-duty PVC Slave Harness is designed for female bodies.

This harness has 3 horizontal straps, one around the neck, one below the breasts, and one around the hips, held together by two vertical straps - one in front and one in the back. There are nine... More >>

Bolero Straitjacket (TM)

Bolero Straitjacket (TM)  $415.00

Sexy. Sensuous. Functional. What more could you ask for in a straitjacket? How about stylish, innovative and chic?

The Bolero Straitjacket™ is all of these and more in a cropped... More >>

Prisoner Belt

Prisoner Belt $128.00

The Prisoner Belt is a black leather prisoner-bondage belt combined with a removable butt plug harness and a locking cock-strap. This belt-harness is constructed from a combination of both heavy and light Latigo black leather, and nickel plated metal plate... More >>

Latex Uniform Shirt

Latex Uniform Shirt $268.00

Sport this Tom of Finland-type cop top and make your arrests with style. This breath-takingly sexy uniform latex shirt is a direct copy of a police shirt that has been tailored for a more form fitting look.

No detail has been overlooked. From the the reinforced snap chrome front real... More >>

PVC Sam Browne Belt Set

PVC Sam Browne Belt Set $163.00

The PVC Sam Brown Belt Set is a combination of a pistol belt or garrison belt and a shoulder strap and handcuff case, made from high gloss black PVC. It has chrome snaps, metal rivets, and 1¾” buckles.

This belt... More >>

Front Zip Latex Tank Top

Front Zip Latex Tank Top $95.00

Show off your well-formed chest while experiencing the sensuous feeling of latex in our Front Zip Tank Top. We use the highest quality 14 gauge latex from 4D rubber to make our form-fitting tanks.

Our zippers have auto lock sliders that keep the zipper from flying open even if the... More >>

Rubber Apron

Rubber Apron $184.00 - $209.00

JT’s Stockroom’s Rubber Aprons are just what you need for serving up or dishing out one hot meal.

Each of these black latex aprons has proven itself to be a successful attention getter everywhere we wore it. They are designed and hand-tailored of... More >>

Leather Apron

Leather Apron $149.00 | SALE: $90.00

This black leather apron is perfect for serving up or dishing out one hot meal. There is an adjustable belt around the neck with a buckle placed symmetrically on each side of the front, and one at the waist just above the glutes. Each belt is secured by four nickel-plated rivets.

It... More >>

Color Coded Jock Straps

Color Coded Jock Straps $59.00

It's a more baring and daring version of the handkerchief in the back pocket! Our Color Code Jock Strap takes the guesswork out of... More >>

Leather Jockstraps

Leather Jockstraps $58.00

This high-quality leather jock is made from thick garment leather which is soft, yet sturdy. It has the classic styling of a traditional cotton athletic jock.

A 3" wide waist band and tailored pouch are attached to two legs... More >>

Perforated Jock Strap

Perforated Jock Strap $64.00 | SALE: $45.00

This high-quality, hand crafted jock strap is made from perforated leather which is soft, yet sturdy. It has the classic styling of a traditional cotton athletic jock. A 3" wide waist band and tailored pouch are attached to two legs... More >>

Neoprene Jock Strap

Neoprene Jock Strap $88.00 | SALE: $66.00

Constructed from neoprene, our rubber jock strap has the classic styling of a traditional cotton athletic jock. A 2" wide waist band and tailored pouch are attached to two leg straps that keep the jock snug and... More >>

Rubber Thong

Rubber Thong $98.00

This rubber thong is constructed from quality 20 gauge rubber. A three inch wide waist band and tailored pouch are attached to a single thong strap that keeps it snug and comfortable.

Available in the following... More >>

Latex Chaps w/ Side Stripes

Latex Chaps w/ Side Stripes $265.00

These classic motorcycle-style chaps are made from the finest quality 40 gauge black rubber with 30 gauge latex colored trim. The snap front waistband and lace-up back allow for a custom... More >>

Leather Spanking Skirt

Leather Spanking Skirt $182.00 - $194.00

Look gorgeous while receiving corporal punishment.

Our spanking skirt is made of soft garment leather. The front is a tailored leather skirt piece and the back is open to expose the bottom and thighs. It's 18" long, and has three straps that buckle at the waist, below the buttocks, and... More >>

La Butch Strap On (R)

La Butch Strap On (R) $149.00

You'll feel sexy and powerful in this black leather strap-on with silver hardware. The front and back of the strap-on is trimmed in flirtatious zippered edging, giving it a masculine flair. Two back straps frame the buttocks, leaving your genitals exposed, allowing you and your... More >>

Terra Firma Dee Dildo Harness (R)

Terra Firma Dee Dildo Harness (R) $62.95

Stormy Leather’s Terra Firma® Dee strap on dildo harness is the most recognizable strapon harness in the world. We know this because its remarkably adjustable design – which guarantees a fabulously flattering, secure fit for any size or shape – has been imitated countless times.

... More >>

Lockable Waist Cincher Belt

Lockable Waist Cincher Belt $62.50

This attractive and durable shiny black waist cincher is made from heavy, solid PVC (not to be confused with stretch PVC fabric) and can function as street wear or to simply dress up your bondage play. The PVC belt is a sixteenth of an inch thick and re-enforced with metal studs to make it stand up... More >>

Corinthian Corset Dress

Corinthian Corset Dress $455.00 | SALE: $364.00

The extremely short length and slimming girdle of this stunning Corinthian Corset Dress makes an unforgettable impression from both the front and the rear. This finely handcrafted black leather corset has steel clasps in the midsection with laced fastenings at the top and bottom for lots of... More >>

Ophelia Corset

Ophelia Corset $439.00

The Ophelia Corset features O-rings at the hips, shoulder straps and waist, making this a great corset to play in. It is handmade of elegant and sturdy black leather, with boning in the front and sturdy lacing in back. The O-rings at the hips have garters for holding up sexy thigh high... More >>

Full Curves Ophelia Corset

Full Curves Ophelia Corset $439.00 | SALE: $351.00

The Full Curves Ophelia Corset features O-rings at the hips, shoulder straps and waist, making this a great corset to play in. It is handmade of elegant and sturdy black leather, with boning in the front and sturdy lacing in back. The O-rings at the hips have garters for holding up sexy thigh high... More >>

Molded Opera Length Latex Gloves

Molded Opera Length Latex Gloves  $54.00

A quintessential accessory to your latex wardrobe, our Molded Opera Length Latex Gloves are seamless and imported from Germany. Dress any outfit up with a touch of these classy gloves. As comfortable as they are durable, these gloves will uphold their design and integrity even in the most... More >>

Molded Latex Thigh-High Stockings

Molded Latex Thigh-High Stockings $79.00

Latex Thigh-High Stockings are a must for any fetish fashonista. These sexy latex stockings are great for wearing out to clubs and parties or they're wonderful for wearing at home in a more intimate environment. As comfortable as they are durable, the latex stockings will uphold their design and... More >>

Rubber Hood w/ Zipper

Rubber Hood w/ Zipper $158.00

This is one of the best fitting latex hoods on the market today. The expert tailoring wraps the heavy gauge latex around your head and neck for a feeling of total encasement. It is made from the highest quality 25-gauge latex with eye and mouth openings, and a... More >>

Guillotine Hood with Harness

Guillotine Hood with Harness  $268.00

The Guillotine Hood with Harness is a modern and edgy BDSM reimagining of the dreaded executioners hood worn throughout history. This kinky incarnation of the Guillotine Hood features an adjustable lockable chest harness with built in wrist restraints... More >>

Pony Head Bridle Set

Pony Head Bridle Set $275.00 - $335.00 | SALE: $140.00 - $215.00

You could search the finest stables in the world for the rest of your life and never find a bridle set as intricate and beautiful as this one. Crafted by our own in-house design team, this set consists of a harness, a blindfold, blinders, and a muzzle. The harness has four adjustable straps: three... More >>

Molded Latex Pony Boots

Molded Latex Pony Boots $199.00

Get ready for a wild ride around the corral!

These Black Molded Latex Pony Boots are crafted specifically for the most sophisticated human pony role play. The boot toes are molded pony hooves that secure your fists snugly with sturdy, thick latex that is finished at the top with a nice... More >>

Armband/Collar, 1

Armband/Collar, 1" wide $25.00

This basic black leather band has a silver buckle and a heavy D-ring opposite the buckle for added visual appeal and for functional use. We originally designed it as an armband, but we seem to sell it just as often to be used as a collar.

The wider version (J125) has a more heavy-duty... More >>

Stainless Steel/Leather Arm Band

Stainless Steel/Leather Arm Band $48.00

This is a fashionable armband made of soft, comfortable leather, embellished with a strip of high-shine stainless steel. The style matches our Stainless Steel Restraint system, except that this arm band is secured by two snaps... More >>

Lace-Up Leather Gauntlet

Lace-Up Leather Gauntlet $42.00

This gauntlet is made of lightweight Latigo leather and lined with thin garment leather. It has 18 eyelets, secured with leather laces. 8½" long.

Priced individually. If you want to purchase a pair, you may enter the quantity, 2, in... More >>

Lace Up Rubber Gauntlets

Lace Up Rubber Gauntlets $69.00

These gauntlets are made of 30 Gauge rubber and have 16 eyelets on each gauntlet. The eyelets are canvas reinforced and are secured with leather laces.

Size choice reflects a difference in the diameter of the forearm,... More >>

Latex Wrist Wallet

Latex Wrist Wallet $42.00

Hit the club in style! On the surface, these gleaming black wrist wallets look like the standard gauntlets often worn to enhance the look and feel of your bondage ensemble, but they have a secret-- each one conceals a zipper pocket on the underside for all your necessities. These pockets are the... More >>

2-Strap Leather Wrist Band

2-Strap Leather Wrist Band $20.00

Made of latigo belt leather, this wrist band is similar to a weight lifter's support band, and could well be used for such purposes.

But it just looks so hot on, why limit its use to the weight room? Two straps wrap around the primary cuff, and buckle to fit wrists of... More >>

Leather Doctor Bag w/ Handcuff Handles

Leather Doctor Bag w/ Handcuff Handles $184.00

A Stockroom original!

This distinctive doctor-style bag is made from high quality leather, with two sets of handcuffs used for handles. The bag is a roomy 13” by 7” by 7” with a steel zipper.

The handcuffs are connected by a strong steel linked chain and can be... More >>

Deluxe Leather Suspenders

Deluxe Leather Suspenders $75.00 - $85.00

These rugged black leather Deluxe Suspenders look great holding leather jeans or a toolbelt. They have removable leather lined shoulder pads that add a beefier, more utilitarian look. Spring clips act as points of attachment to make it possible to hook your suspenders onto... More >>