Falcon Balls (C482)

Falcon Balls

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Falcon Balls are back! These ultimate anal beads are for those who enjoy huge proportions. Don't let the labels "Small, Medium, and Large" fool you- the smallest size available is much larger than most other standard anal beads out there.

Made of soft sturdy black rubber, these Falcon Balls are all one piece, with no little crevices where dirt may hide. Its sealed design makes it easy to keep clean and sanitary.

The Falcon Balls consist of a thinner solid tube that flares out at regular intervals to a ball shape and ends in a ball. There is a sealed nylon cord at one end for easy removal and storage.

Product Details

Small (C482):
  • Overall Length: 13in (33cm)
  • Ball Diameter: 1.25in (3.17cm)
  • Ball Circumference: 3.9in (9.9cm)

Medium (C483):
  • Overall Length: 17in (43.18cm)
  • Ball Diameter: 1.5in (3.81cm)
  • Ball Circumference: 4.71in (11.93cm)

Large (C484):
  • Overall Length: 21in (53.34cm)
  • Ball Diameter: 1.75in (4.44cm)
  • Ball Circumference: 5.5in (13.97cm)

Safety, Care & Usage

Made of rubber, this Falcon Accessory cleans up easily with soap and warm water and is dishwasher safe (top rack only). Compatible with all kinds of lube -- both oil and water-based -- it won’t lose its shape or discolor over time or after intense usage. Always thoroughly clean before sharing with others.

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