Electro Masturbator (D114)


Electro Masturbator
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The Electro Masturbator brings you to ecstasy! It was expressly designed for the stimulation of your most sensitive parts. Pass the 'Electro Masturbator' over your foreskin, frenulum, and glans and experience a new dimension of orgasms. The trick: The head of the Electro Masturbator is flexible, so that you can lay it perfectly on your glans. The rubber caps are conductive.

We recommend this item be used in conjunction with the PES Power Box along with our Electrode Pad Lead Wire Set.

*Please note that some force may be necessary when inserting and removing the pins into and from the base of the Electro-Masturbator. To ensure proper function, the connection is a very tight fit. Strong pressure while turning the pins works well to get them in and out. Be careful when removing the lead wires as to not tear the wires out of the connector pins. Also, some units do not allow for full insertion of the pins, exposing current. Please take precaution.

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