Dungeon Furniture

The Cross - Shipping Included

The Cross - Shipping Included  $2,025.00

This high-end take on a St. Andrew's cross, a BDSM staple, is both functional as it is beautiful. The base, made of cold rolled steel, supports a luxurious leather-padded frame and comes with a steel tripod for extra stability.To hold the restraints firmly in place, each of the four points comes... More >>

Torture Rack - Shipping Included

Torture Rack - Shipping Included $2,475.00

Just as with the rest of their furniture and gear, The Torture Rack combines menace with style. This BDSM work station, which allows for full suspension, comes equipped with sixteen grappling hooks; each hook bumps the sadism up a notch with 10-12 attached spikes. They can be used to pierce the... More >>