Double Evil Nipple Device (C245)

Double Evil Nipple Device

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This Double Evil Nipple Device lives up to its name! Making great use of the already "evil" Japanese Clover Clamps, this nipple torment device and nipple stretcher uses clamping and tugging to inflict agony and ecstasy.

The Clover Clamps are designed to tighten when the chain is pulled; however they already have a very firm grip even without yanking.

The clamps are attached to a bar with heavy screws. Through the middle of the bar is a long threaded stem with a knob at the end. The black chest plate provides resistance as a turn of the knob causes the bar to slowly pull away from the chest, thereby tightening the clamps for an eye-opening effect.

The bar, knob and chest plate are made of a durable plastic. The clamps are metal with rubber tips. The device can be easily disassembled for travel. This is for experienced nipple play afficionados only!

Made in the USA

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