Diamond-Handle Flogger (A609)

Diamond-Handle Flogger

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The Diamond Handle Flogger comes in two distinct and exquisite styles. Each style features a gorgeous handle that is covered in leather braided in a tight, flat, regular diamond pattern. The ends of the handles are finished with large, finely braided black leather knobs.

The two available styles are black and red (A609), or black and grey (A610). Both styles feature an 8” handle.

The black and red handled Flogger (A609) has 28 tails that are ½” wide and have a square cut on the tips.

The black and grey handled Flogger (A610) has 22 tails that are ½” wide and have a pointed angle tip.

Each flogger makes a fine addition to any collection, and provides a great implement for beginners to start a new adventure in flogging.

Made in the USA

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