Diamondback Braided Whip (QU01692)

Diamondback Braided Whip

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The Diamondback is a masterfully crafted whip available in 2 alluring colors made to strike the skin with a pleasurable weight to stimulate the muscles underneath the skin without causing extreme marks or a strong sting. The high quality, handmade whips are braided, decreasing in width toward the ends and cut in precise strips for a more consistent impact and feature a leather loop at the end, perfect for hanging and storing when play time is done.

Solid Black (QU01692) temporarily out of stock. Please check back soon!

A shorter version of this whip is available for those looking for a size easier for indoor use or beginners practice.

Product Details:

  • Total Length: 44in (111.7cm)

  • Tassle Length: 4in (10.16cm)

  • Wrist Loop Length: 7in (17.78cm)

  • Weight: 0.65 lb (10.4 oz)

Safety and Usage:

Before using a whip in your play, be sure to obtain quality instruction and then practice, practice, practice. Leather whips should be stored away from excessive dirt, dust, heat and moisture. Condition your whip with a quality leather conditioner every six months and you will have this whip for years to come. Keep away from your pets, as they love to chew on these leather whips!

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