Demonic Dreamer (DVGWEN125)

Demonic Dreamer

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Synopsis: Mistress Aradia sits in her regal throne, masturbating as she is fantasizing about one of her favorite slaves. Her slave, abby, then appears in a steel ball cage, dangling in front of the beautiful, latex-clad Mistress. After some taunting and teasing, the ball-gagged slave is released for some real torment and punishment. Bringing her fantasy to life, Mistress Aradia begins to unleash her Dominance over the slave. Nipple torture, Spanking, Man-Handling and Flogging are all in store for the bound beauty.
In the end, we learn that all has been a daydream, as slave abby is revealed with her head firmly planted between the legs of the now orgasmic, Mistress Aradia.

Cast: Mistress Aradia and Abby

Director:Robert Zak

Running Time:82 minutes


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