Deerskin Flogger (B119)

Deerskin Flogger

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Deerskin's reputation for being thick, durable, supple, and "living" is fully felt in this flogger.

The 35 tails have angled tips and are expertly finished. The long lashes hang together well to deliver a deep and smooth impact. This flogger is capable of achieving gentle caresses as well as whopping thuds. The weight and feel are seductive.

The wooden handle is covered with cowhide, braided in a tight herringbone pattern, ending in Turk's-head style knobs. The handle is 10" long. The tails are 18" by ½". There is a 6" round braided leather wrist loop.

This flogger is available in solid black or in duo-tones.

AN INTERESTING NOTE: The duo-tone flogger's outer tails are black while the colored tails are nestled inside. When motionless, this flogger appears to be entirely black, but when swung, and upon impact, a dramatic flash of color is revealed.

Made in the USA

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