Cyberskin Penis Extension (A989)

Cyberskin Penis Extension

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The new Cyberskin line of products represents a significant advance in dildos and penis extensions that feel like the real thing. The rubber on the surface of this extension feels hauntingly like human skin. But the inside part of the (1½" or 3") extension is much firmer. It is soft and supple on the surface, but hard and rigid inside.

Visually, the shape, texture, and coloration of this extension are designed to create a realistic effect as well. And it looks realistic... and feels more realistic.

There's a trick to putting this extension on: You roll up the sleeve until it's all the way up around the (1½" or 3") extension. Then place it against the head of the man's penis, and roll it down snugly around him, sealing his penis in with little or no air inside the sleeve. A partial seal will form, helping the extension stay on during intercourse.

Wearing this extension will add to both the length and thickness of the penis. It will of course tend to reduce the sensation of intercourse for the man, but this change isn't always bad... decreased stimulation can help a man control ejaculation, and focus more on giving pleasure to his mate. And many men enjoy the unique feeling of having their cock sealed inside the sleeve.

The manufacturer recommends washing the product after each use with liquid soap, and then applying powder to help maintain the realistic feel. A small bottle of talc powder is included for this purpose; however, talc has been associated with cervical cancer in women, so cornstarch is the recommended alternative. Also included is a one-ounce bottle of personal lubricant.

We haven't carried penis extension products in the past because we were unimpressed with the quality of the ones that were available. This is by far the best one we've ever seen, and it represents a significant advance over older designs. The 1½" extension has a 5½" inner sleeve, and the 3" one is 4½" inside.

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