Culebre Dragon Ear Charm (F100)


Culebre Dragon Ear Charm

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Who wouldn't want a silver dragon whispering sweet nothings into their ear?

The Culebre Dragon Ear Charm transcends simple jewelry, as it becomes a statement piece in the form of a full ear wrap.

The head of the dragon rests on top of the ear where it meets the skull, its mouth positioned to drop a treasure of clear teardrop-shaped crystal into the folds of the ear. Its delicate body flows over and behind the ear, then curves to the front of the lobe to pierce it with a wire post. The tail continues from behind the lobe in an elegant curve back toward the front to a pointed tip reminiscent of a classic devil-tail.

Product Details:

 • English Pewter/Surgical Steel Post

 • From Top to Stud: 2.28in/5.8cm

 • Sold Individually

 • Fits the Right Ear

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