Crash Pad Volume 4: Rope Burn (D633)

Crash Pad Volume 4: Rope Burn
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Crash Pad Series 4 ups the kinkiness quotient in this groundbreaking independent series set in an apartment where queers come to live out their wildest sexual desires. The film wastes no time, opening with a passionate tumble into bed scene with Brooklyn Flaco and Carson, avidly exploring one another with questing tongues and fingers. After the passionate but straightforward beginning, things get edgier, with Jiz Lee and Dallas literally tearing one another's clothes off and working through the contents of a bag of assorted implements, at times wrestling as much as they're fucking. Sadie Lune does the bitchy dom thing with the adorable Tricksie Treat, cutting her clothes off, binding her up, and slapping her around. They both get off with a little help from strap ons and a Hitachi Magic Wand. The butch Cash comes in wearing a shirt and tie, and the genderfuck accelerates when he sucks the slim Stella's strapped-on cock, though it turns out they both wear the dick in their relationship when the situation warrants. The final scene is the kinkiness; Ex has a mellow hippie look, which makes the coldhearted domination of Muscle Beach all the more striking, with lots of rough smacking around, some beautiful rope harness bondage, and more strap-on sucking.

This may be the fourth installment, but this series never gets old. Highly recommended.

(2009, 120 min.)

Cast: Brooklyn Flaco, Carson, Jiz Lee, Dallas, Sadie Lune, Tricksie Treat, Stella, Ex, Muscle Beach, Cash

Crash Pad Series, Vol 4:
Rope Burn
Houston, Shine Louise
Blowfish Video/ Pink & White

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