Crash Pad Series Volume 1 (D630)


Crash Pad Series Volume 1

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In The Crash Pad Series, Volume 1, leading indie feminist porn director Shine Louise Houston returns to the world of her astonishing debut film The Crash Pad for a series of self-contained vignettes that recreate all the power, passion, and hotness of the original. The premise remains the same: some lucky women are given keys to a very special apartment, and once inside, they let their inhibitions go. There are some familiar faces from the original Crash Pad — notably Shawn, Jiz Lee, and Dylan Ryan — along with a wealth of new hot uninhibited talent, including beauties like Princess Donna and Trouble Royale. Sexy femmes, buff butches, cute bois, and assorted sexy transfolk unleash their passions behind closed doors — but you've got the key to come inside and watch. In these five scenes, you'll see strap-on fucking and sucking, hard pounding, deep kissing, and pretty much anything else two women with a well-supplied toy chest and a lot of energy can do to one another. It's the hottest dyke flick we've seen since the original Crash Pad, and the winner of the 2008 Feminist Porn Award for Hottest Dyke Film. Extras include trailers and outtakes for all the scenes. This is real queer fucking of the highest quality, and we can't recommend it enough.

Winner of the 2008 Feminist Porn Award for Hottest Dyke Film!

(2007, 75 min.)

Cast: Shawn, Jiz Lee, Princess Donna, Jake, Stacy Staxxx, Skye, Trouble Royale, Johnny, Dylan Ryan, Trucker Cash

Crash Pad Series, Volume 1
Shine Louise Houston
Pink and White/Blowfish Video

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