Cleopatra Chrome Collar (B417-Z)

Cleopatra Chrome Collar

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You're sure to stand out from the masses in the Chrome Cleopatra Collar.

With the gleam of a fine necklace or sturdy armor, smooth chrome-plated brass forms the front of this attractively shaped collar that sits comfortably and lightly on the neck despite its metal makeup. It is short on the sides and gracefully lengthens in front as it forms into a soft point that showcases your clavicle beneath it, tantalizing your slaves and subjects.

Though this collar covers the front and sides of the neck, the back is open and secured with a lengthy nylon cord that's threaded through metal grommets on the side, while slight ridges run along the edges giving the piece a pleasant set of contours. This collar fits comfortably, with plenty of room to stretch and shape to fit your neck without looking loose. The black suede lining inside the piece makes it comfortable enough to wear as a stylish neckpiece, letting you radiate an aura of power at all times.

Product Details:

 • This item is chrome-plated, with brass bass metal, and suede lining.

 • Circumference (Small): 13in/32.5cm

 • Circumference (Regular): 14.75in/37.5cm

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