Chrome Gauntlet (B432-Z)

Chrome Gauntlet

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With your forearms armored in these brightly reflective Chrome Gauntlets, you'll have stylish armor as you enter the battlefield of passion.

Formed with brass as a base metal and plated in gleaming chrome, these gauntlets are the perfect accessory to your party costume or intimate fetish attire. Small and large sizes offer you a snug but comfortable fit, curving around your forearm and wrist so that nothing comes off in the heat of the moment. Lined with soft black suede, comfort is not forgotten despite martial appearances.

To modify your look, thread strands of your favorite material through the grommets that adorn the sides of each of the eight arms so that your fit is just as secure as you desire. Prepare for victory over hearts and minds when you complete your look with these stunning gauntlets.

Product Details:

 •Black lacing included

 • Length (S): 6.375in/16.3cm

 • Width (S): 3in/7.6cm

 • Length (L): 8.375in/21.4cm

 • Width (L): 3.25in/8.2cm

 • Sold individually.

 • Made of chrome-plated brass

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