Champion-Male Nudes (B980)


Champion-Male Nudes
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The first book of images from Champion Studios, famous for quality color images of handsome, athletic young men from the late 1950s and early '60s. These 345 photographs of scantily clad athletes - packed with amusing props, costumes, and bulging posing pouches - are notable not only for the commercial success they enjoyed during their heyday, but also for their enduring creativity and imagination.

Whether measured in terms of his prolific output, sales, his early and sophisticated use of customer mailing lists, or his impact upon the U.S. censorship laws of his time, Kundzicz and his work left an indelible imprint on male physique photography. Today, nearly half a century later, Walter Kundzicz's work and his most popular models continue to have their ardent fans.

Hardcover, 364 pages

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