Catheter Electrode (A514)

Catheter Electrode

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Also known as "sparklers," catheter electrodes are not for the faint of heart. The silver-filled shaft is made of a conductive silicone, which is smooth and flexible.

Note: this is a single-electrode device, so you'll have to complete the circuit with another electrode, which could be a pad, one side of a plug, an alligator clip, a prod, a coin, or whatever. A dual-electrode type with "Y" adapter could also be used as the other electrode.

Product Details:

Insertable Diameter x Length

 • A514 - .125in x 6in

 • A515 - .187in x 7in

 • A516 - .25in x 8in

Ready to use with the Folsom power unit Dual Output PSG-MAX

Requires Pins-to-Bananas Adapter Plugs to work with the Rimba Electro Powerbox Stimulator Set or Snapper Adapters for Rimba Digital Power Box

The Folsom Electric Company offers a lifetime warranty on all their power boxes and accessories.

This item is UNI-POLAR. Click here for more information.

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