Butt Bong (E504)

Butt Bong
Plug Size:

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Be prepared to chug with an innovative twist on enema play! The Butt Bong will redefine your idea of party time.

This product features a design reminiscent of a beer bong from your college days. The Butt Bong starts with an aluminum funnel connected to a 14 inch tube. However, unlike a typical beer bong, this device features a thru-hole butt plug at the other end of the tube, allowing one to insert and wear the bong with ease. With two different sizes, you will find a proper fit to ensure that the fluid of your choice is easily passed through the funnel and into the anal cavity.

Product Details:

 • Aluminum plug and funnel

 • Overall length: 22in/59cm

 • Small plug diameter: 1.5in/3.8cm

 • Large plug diameter: 1.75in/4.4cm

 • Compatible with all lubes

 • Wash with soap and water or sanitize in dishwasher

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