Bunny Tail Anal Plug (C218)


Bunny Tail Anal Plug

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Channel your inner Hugh Hefner and make this Bunny Tail Anal Plug a must for your bunny lover. Crafted from white fox fur, this puff is securely attached by hand to a black rubber anal plug.

Soft and enticing, erotic and playful, this bunny tail anal plug will surely inspire hours of creative play.

Product Details:

  • Insertable Length: 5in (12.7cm)

  • Diameter (plug): 1.5in (3.81cm)

  • Circumference (plug): 4.71in (11.96cm)

  • Diameter (puff): 5.5in (13.97cm)

This product is made of real fox fur.

Made in the USA

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