Brown Leather Flogger w/ Walnut Handle (F005)

Brown Leather Flogger w/ Walnut Handle
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When it comes to administering discipline, the right instrument can make all the difference.

This medium-length, finely crafted flogger feels nimble and lightweight, but delivers 15 thick strands of dark brown Highland Steer leather to the point of impact, and believe us, it packs quite a wallop!

Whenever your disobedient slave hears that distinctive whoosh, they can expect the sharp sensation of its lashes to soon follow. The flogger’s smooth, finished walnut wood handle fits easily in the hand, and has a sculpted phallic shape which may call to mind other uses.

Product Details:

Hard polished walnut handle and sturdy Highland Steer leather

 • Total Length: 21in/53.3cm

 • Length of handle: 7.8in/19.8cm

 • Diameter of grip:  1.25in/3.2cm

 • Weight:  15.4oz/436.6g


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