Boot Suspension Cuffs (B744)

Boot Suspension Cuffs

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Ever owned a pair of boots that you never wanted to take off, even in the most intimate situations? With these versatile Boot Suspension Cuffs, you won’t have to.

These quality, Latigo leather cuffs secure the ankles with three adjustable straps, then flair out, leaving room for your favorite heels, stompers, or plain, bare feet. The cuffs culminate in two nickel plated D-rings that are sturdy enough for full suspension. Use in conjunction with a spreader bar, a suspension bar, or however you prefer.

Product Details:

 • One Size Fits Most

 • Instep to Rear Heel 13-17in (33-43.2cm)

 • Ankle Strap 7-12in (17.8-30.5cm)

 • Lower calf Strap 10-14in (25.4-36.5cm)

Made In the USA

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